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Why you should stock Uniwipe products for your customers

As a distributor, meeting the cleaning needs of your customers is a key priority. From the strength and size of the wipes to effectiveness and versatility, you want to present your customers with high-quality cleaning products that will not only eliminate germs and bacteria but lead to repeat purchases. 

At Uniwipe, we understand the importance of matching the cleaning needs of your customer with the correct product which is why we have carefully crafted a wide range of products designed to accommodate different needs across a variety of industries. 

In this blog post, we talk you through our impressive range of Uniwipe products, highlighting the key features and benefits of each product, and why you should add our products to your stock…

1. Midi-Wipe Clinical

Our Clinical Midi-Wipes proudly hold some of the highest EN accreditations available throughout the industry, some of which include EN16615, EN13727, EN14561, and EN14476. These accreditations give your customers peace of mind that they are successfully eliminating bacteria and viruses and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

Falling under the yellow zone of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISC) coloured-coded cleaning system, these wipes are designed for use in high-risk areas such as hospitals, dental surgeries, schools and nursing homes – the perfect tool for keeping customers, employees, visitors or patients safe from harmful germs. 

Building a strong reputation with medical institutions, our Clinical Midi-Wipes are also effective against enveloped viruses such as Influenza A, Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis C and SARS-CoV-2. It is rare that a wet wipe holds such a vast array of germ-killing capabilities which is why many distributors decide to add our Clinical Midi-Wipes to their collection.

2. Bio Clinical

One of the newest wipes to land in our product range, our Bio Clinical wipes have revolutionised the world of sustainable cleaning. Made from 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres, our Bio Clinical wipes are not only plastic-free but also maintain the same exceptional quality and effectiveness as the rest of our products. 

With conscious consumerism on the rise, customers are becoming more environmentally aware than ever before and our biodegradable wipes are designed to accommodate the needs of customers looking to make the transition to plastic-free cleaning methods.

3. Midi-Wipe Washroom

Designed with a light and sweet citrus fragrance, our Washroom Midi-Wipes are great for keeping washrooms clean, fresh and most importantly, disinfected. For customers who are looking to take their cleaning routine to the next level, our Washroom Midi-Wipes are the ideal choice, proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and are safe on skin. 

Packaged with a Z-fold dispensing method and sealable lid, our wipes are packaged in a way that retains moisture and reduces unnecessary waste. The sleek packaging makes it easy for users to quickly pull a wipe from the pack and wipe down any nearby sinks, taps or toilets.

4. Midi-Wipe Patient

If your customers require a simple and easy body cleaning solution, then our Patient Midi-Wipes are guaranteed to tick all the boxes. Dermatologically tested and made from a gentle, kind-to-skin polypropylene fabric, these wipes contain soothing aloe vera properties that give a subtle scent and glide over the skin.

5. Midi-Wipe Catering

As a distributor, it is essential that you understand the hygiene rules and regulations that your cleaning customers must comply with, particularly if they operate in an environment that deals with food and drink. You want to ensure that the cleaning products you are offering fall in line with these strict regulations. 

For example, our Catering Midi-Wipes are highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and similar to our Clinical Midi-Wipes have been tested to some of the highest EN standards. Approved for use in food areas, our Catering Midi-Wipes can be used in a variety of hospitality and catering settings, from busy restaurants and bars to local cafes or hotels.

6. Midi-Wipe Multipurpose

Perfect for tackling everyday spills and smudges, our Multipurpose Midi-Wipes are the ideal choice for customers who deal with low infection risk areas and need a quick and effective solution to removing general dirt and dust from commonly used areas such as desks, bannisters and door handles.


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