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Why food manufacturing is a hotbed for Covid

The spotlight in the last few weeks has firmly been on food manufacturing plants who have seen outbreaks of Coronavirus cases across the UK. Some causing whole plants to shut down production.

It is a great concern to the staff and public and yet another threat to economic stability.

Many people are left wondering why food manufacturing plants are such a hotbed for the spread of COVID. We believe this could be down to a few reasons.

The food standards agency has revealed that they are monitoring the situation with over 40 outbreaks in England alone.

The virus thrives in cold, damp and indoor environments. There is often a lack of sunlight within the plants which means moisture lingers on surfaces.

Social distancing is another obvious issue and loud machinery means that staff often have to raise their voices to be heard increasing the risk of the virus being projected.

There are also reports of many staff members car-sharing into work, this has increased risk of controlling the spread.


There are a few things at Uniwipe that we would suggest to help combat food plant outbreaks.


  • Regular wiping of surfaces with our Uniwipe midi wipe
  • Wiping and cleaning hands regularly
  • Avoid car sharing where possible. Wipe down car door handles and surfaces once vacating the vehicle

If you would like more information about our Clinical Midi Wipes, contact or call +44(0) 333 241 9220


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