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Why companies love Uniwipe’s range of antibacterial wipes

Maintaining hygiene in the workplace has always been an important practice, however, over the past few years employees, customers and visitors have become more aware of the importance of keeping their hands and surfaces clean to prevent the spread of germs and infection. 

In this blog post, we’ve discussed reasons why companies love using our wide range of antibacterial wipes, from our beloved Clinical Midi-Wipes to our brand new sustainable Bio Clinical wipes…

99.999% effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses

When it comes to purchasing any cleaning product, the number one priority should always be the level of effectiveness that the product holds. For companies operating in environments where hygiene is critical such as hospitals, dentist surgeries and nursing homes, it’s imperative that all cleaning products are effective at killing germs, helping to reduce the spread of infection. 

At Uniwipe, all of our products have been tested to rigorous EN standards such as EN14476 and EN16615, certifying that the product is effective at eliminating 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. This not only gives companies peace of mind when it comes to cleaning but also helps to save money, as fewer products are required to disinfect and clean surfaces. 

“We choose Uniwipe because of the high standards of testing and quality of product that beats the rest! Love the brand and support from Uniwipe!”

  • Purchasing Manager 

Safe for use on hands and surfaces

Despite effectiveness being regarded as the number one priority, when it comes to purchasing antibacterial wet wipes, it’s also very important to ensure that every wipe is safe and gentle on skin and surfaces.

Antibacterial wipes can often contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation or unwanted allergic reactions, which is particularly common for those with sensitive skin or who frequently use wipes. To prevent this issue, each of our ranges has been dermatologically tested, ensuring every wipe is safe on hands and a variety of surfaces. 



Versatility is one of the many factors that make our products so popular with businesses throughout a range of industries, from healthcare and hospitality to transportation and education. Our wipes can be used to disinfect and clean a wide range of surfaces including desks, door handles, medical equipment and kitchen worktops. This saves companies significant time and money on ordering separate cleaning products for different surfaces or materials. 

Fast-acting formula

A key reason as to why companies love our range of products is due to our antibacterial wipes having a contact time of only 30 seconds. For those who are unaware, a contact time refers to the amount of time needed for a surface to remain wet with the cleaning solution on a wipe to successfully kill germs and bacteria. 

The contact time can vary amongst cleaning products depending on factors such as the active ingredients and type of bacteria, virus or yeast that is being targeted. For example, some wipes may require a contact time of up to several minutes, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of our products.

This is incredibly important to follow, as if the contact time is not followed correctly, then the wipes may not be fully effective at eliminating harmful bacteria and germs, increasing the risk of cross-contamination. 

Convenient and easy to use 

Over twice the size of standard antibacterial wipes, our wipes measure an impressive 38cm x 25cm with each packet featuring 100 wipes – meaning you won’t run out anytime soon! 

Our production and packaging practices also currently use up to 76% less plastic than other antibacterial wipes stored in tubs. The easy and accessible packaging makes our wipes simple to use and store – encouraging users to adopt the one wipe per use rule. 

If you’re looking for an effective and versatile way to keep your surroundings clean and safe then why not learn more about our impressive range of antibacterial wipes today!