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Why businesses are opting for biodegradable wet wipes

Sustainability and environmental practices have become a hot topic amongst many businesses over the past few years. From greater employee engagement to improved brand image, adopting eco-friendly initiatives can bring a range of benefits.

In this article, we delve into the five main reasons why businesses are deciding to say goodbye to non-biodegradable wipes and make the switch to plastic free, biodegradable wet wipes…


1. Greater employee engagement and productivity

Previous studies have shown that businesses that adopt and promote sustainable practices have more motivated and engaged employees than those that don’t. Making the change from non-biodegradable wipes to biodegradable wet wipes can make a huge difference in terms of the positive message you are reinforcing to your staff. 

By showing that you are committed to making changes to help the environment – no matter how big or small – you are proving to your stakeholders that you’re committed to making a change. Not only can this help to increase employee productivity but it can also help to attract and retain talent. For example, a study from Gallup found that 71% of employees consider a company’s environmental and sustainability record when searching for a new employer. 

2. Enhanced reputation

With many businesses falsely claiming that they are becoming more eco-friendly while not following through on their actions, it’s important as a business that you are transparent and truthful with your actions and claims. 

A report conducted by Eon showed that 72% of those surveyed said they pay attention to whether or not a business acts in a climate-friendly way. This clearly shows that consumers are considering the practices of a business and are looking for companies that demonstrate strong governance and environmental protection. 

This is one of the many reasons that businesses are opting to switch to biodegradable wipes that contain no plastic, as it helps to improve the image and reputation of a company. As previously mentioned, it’s the small changes that make a big difference, and by adopting practices that are more sustainable you are showcasing positive social responsibility – giving a competitive advantage over other companies. 


3. Reduce waste and operating costs 

There has become increasing pressure for businesses throughout the UK to adopt sustainable practices which can bring many benefits including less waste and lower operating costs in the long run. 

At Uniwipe, we are always aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and waste consumption, that’s why our team has set the goal to reduce our waste per pack to an impressive 40% by 2026. By purchasing our biodegradable wet wipes, companies are benefiting from reducing their waste consumption as our production and packaging methods use 76% less plastic than wipes stored in tubs. 

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4. Less risk of chemical-related injuries 

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighted that approximately 6% of janitors in the US experienced an injury as a result of the chemicals used in the cleaning products they used on the job. This brings attention to the importance of using cleaning products that are safe to use. 

Eco-friendly products such as biodegradable antibacterial wipes are made from safe and natural alternatives to harmful chemicals. As a business, this means you don’t need to worry about your staff or visitors being at risk of any harmful injuries caused by toxic chemicals found in non-biodegradable cleaning products, such as allergic reactions, skin diseases or respiratory problems. 

At Uniwipe, all of our products have been dermatologically tested to make sure they are safe for skin and surfaces. In particular, our Bio Clinical wipes are Quat and PHMB free meaning they are safe for use on all surfaces including food areas – making them perfect for a variety of applications and environments. 

5. Driver of innovation

Sustainability can be described as a ‘game changer’, it can help to drive innovation by sparking new ideas and shaping the way you use key resources throughout your business. By introducing biodegradable wet wipes to your employees and business you are encouraging others to come up with innovative ways to make your business more sustainable.