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What are antibacterial wipes made of?

Antibacterial wipes contain a variety of different fabrics and chemicals, which are selected according to how the product will be applied.



The fabrics used in antibacterial wipes use fibres made from plastic polymers, which are then mechanically processed and sometimes thermally bonded.

Despite the environmental drawbacks of plastics, they are the mainstay in the production of wipes for good reason – the antibacterial ingredients used for disinfection have special characteristics that are often incompatible with bio-based alternative fabrics, which makes them less effective.

Plastic wipes can also be manufactured in significantly thinner gauges than biodegradable ones without compromising on tensile strength. The good news is that our research and development into biodegradable antibacterial wipes made from more sustainable materials continues to evolve on a daily basis, in response to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.



Our wipes use a variety of antibacterial agents, or ‘biocides’. Among other ingredients, our wipes utilise water-soluble quaternary ammonium compounds, which is highly effective at low concentrations and found in most antibacterial products. Whilst we don’t use Alcohol in our wipes, it has been used for many decades as a disinfectant due to the fact that it is extremely effective and quick-drying. It’s also flammable of course, so care must be taken when using or storing.


A word on waste

Reducing our waste is important to us. In 2020 we decreased the amount of landfill and incinerated waste per pack by 8% and we’re on track to decrease by a further 8% in 2021. Our aim is to continue this trend so that by 2024 we will have reduced the waste per pack by 40%.

We’re equally serious about recycling: our production and packaging methods currently use up to 76% less plastic than commonly used tubs, and 80% of our packaging is recyclable, and made from recycled plastics. We’re aiming for 100% recyclable packaging by 2023. We currently recycle over 50% of our own production waste.


Why are antibacterial wipes a premium cleaning tool?

In today’s world of viruses and diverse diseases, antibacterial wipes are an essential tool for controlling infections and helping to protect us from serious illnesses. But let’s dig a little deeper to reveal what makes them the superior cleaning tool…

In a nutshell, these pre-moistened towelettes are loaded with our unique disinfecting formula to quickly, easily and reliably keep your home or workplace safe, by killing or removing germs on surfaces and skin.

  • Easy to use: Their one-step process makes them easier to use than sprays and cloths (and a contaminated cloth also carries the risk of spreading bacteria to other uncontaminated surfaces). Using wipes also removes the need to measure and mix chemicals, which means you don’t need excessive supplies like spray bottles, liquid chemicals, towels or laundry bins.
  • Easy to store: In packs of 40, 100 or 200, our wipes come in convenient, airtight containers, so they never dry out, and are designed to use one at a time. Placing a stand, dispenser or wall mount near high-traffic and high touch point areas makes it easy to quickly disinfect hands, surfaces, and equipment.
  • Versatile: Our wipes have multiple uses across a range of environments – equally as effective on desks and worktops as on door handles and lift buttons
  • Time saving: Consider the time not spent restocking and refilling cleaning supplies, factor in the cumulative time your guests, family members or employees will save by quickly wiping down surfaces in one step, and the end result is a lot of time saved for everyone
  • Cost saving: Ordering wipes in high quantities gives you time to focus on other tasks instead. You’ll also save money on the actual container, as well as post and packaging. From an employer’s perspective, having a clean and germ-free facility is essential for employee health, increasing staff productivity by cutting down on sick days.


Choosing the right wipes for your requirements

From catering settings to clinical, from offices to homes, we have the wipes you need – with the option of bespoke orders available on request.


  • Clothwipe Clinical: Our largest, strongest and most powerful antibacterial wipes, Clothwipe clinical wipes are supersized, soft and absorbent, made from low-lint, microfiber plastic, good at quickly trapping dirt and killing germs. These wipes are fast acting and guarantee effective sanitisation, perfect for even the most challenging clinical settings.
  • Clothwipe Multipurpose: Made from a strong, low-lint microfiber, these are suitable for all low-risk surfaces, containing a highly effective surfactant that’s quickly biodegradable
  • Clothwipe Washroom: With a dual action cleaning and disinfecting formula, and a proven kill rate of 30 seconds for 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, our celemetine-scented Washroom wipes are a popular choice for domestic bathrooms and industrial washrooms
  • Midiwipe Clinical: Designed specifically for disinfecting high infection environments including medical settings, offices, schools and care homes, these wipes are the trusted choice of medical institutions to eliminate cross-contamination and increase cleaning efficiency
  • Midiwipe Catering: These wipes rise to the challenge of meeting the stringent hygiene regulations of any catering environment, and are the popular choice of many catering outlets across the country
  • Midiwipe Hand & Surface: Gentle on the hands, these wipes are specifically designed for everyday use in schools and offices where hands and surfaces need to be regularly cleaned throughout the day
  • Care & Medical sector: With over 20 years’ experience helping the medical industry tackle bacteria and viruses, our wipes are recognised as being the most technologically advanced when it comes to preventing infections and cross-contamination
  • Catering & Hospitality sector: With major operational changes to cleaning and hygiene strategies taking place across the world’s catering sector, wipes are an increasingly popular choice, saving time without compromising on safety. Our catering Midi-Wipe is food area safe and conforms to all EN standards
  • Education: From classrooms to corridors, and dining halls to toilet blocks, educational institutions are under constant pressure to meet the strictest standards of hygiene. Our range of antibacterial wipes conform to all the highest EN standards and offer the ultimate solution in the fight against germs and bacteria in all learning environments from nurseries through to universities.


You may be using antibacterial wipes wrong – read our article on the common mistakes you may be making when using antibacterial wipes.
In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes users tend to make with buying, storing and using wipes, and how to avoid these pitfalls yourself. We’ll cover some top tips on popular types of wipes so you can make informed decisions, and storage & usage techniques to get maximum value and effectiveness from your cleaning routine.


See our range of wipes for office and workplace hygiene – keep your premises open and your staff safe by future-proofing your cleaning strategy.

With an effective daily cleaning strategy and effective cleaning products you can limit the spread of germs and bacteria and achieve a safer working environment.


Clinical Midi-Wipes are tested to EN16777.
This is the essential test for virucidal activity on surfaces – Uniwipe exceed this test within 60 seconds at the highest test result possible – 99.99%.

This is a step 2 test and an advance on the EN14476 which doesn’t test on surfaces. If you are wiping surfaces you need to ensure you are compliant to EN16777.

With vast experience in dealing with all manner of order requests from bulk and bespoke, multiple worldwide delivery locations or phased deliveries, once the team understands your requirements any number of solutions can be arranged.
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Your questions

All the Uniwipe wipes can be used for wiping tables, work surfaces and machinery in food areas, which should be rinsed prior to direct contact with food.

We also have the Catering Midi-Wipes which are specially developed for use in the catering & hospitality sector and are food area approved.

When cleaning high traffic areas to avoid cross contamination, we recommend that you dispose of each wipe properly after using on a surface. This way you can be sure no germs are being transferred from one surface to another.

Uniwipe products are specifically formulated to be safe on a wide range of surfaces such as hard surfaces, leather and upholstery. As they are alcohol free, they are also safe to use on technology equipment, subject to manufacturers guidelines.

Whilst some wipes are specifically designed for use on certain surfaces, the Uniwipe range of products is suitable for use on all hard surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting.

Whether you’re a distributor looking to resell our products, a large corporation looking to partner with a reputable manufacturer, or are just looking to buy a pack for yourself, we’re here to make it as easy as possible to get your hands on quality wipe solutions.

Visit our How to Buy page to get quality wipes, fast.

Uniwipe products are dermatologically tested, so are certified safe on skin. We also have the Hand & Surface wipe specifically designed and tested for use on hands. If you are prone to irritation from similar products, we recommend you wear gloves whilst using them.