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Want a simple, all round cleaning solution?

Looking for a simple, all round cleaning solution?

Calling tradesmen and DIY-ers!

· Are you fed up of being caught out without running water?

· Are your cleaning products either impractical or non-existent?

· Have your customers made pointed looks (or, worse, comments) when you haven’t left their premises immaculate?

There’s a simple, all-in-one answer to all three dilemmas. And it’s called the Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipe!

A cost-effective solution

There’s a common misconception that cleaning wipes are an expensive option.

Actually, when you work out it, our Ultragrime wipes deliver incredibly good value:

· It’s under £10 for 100 supersize wipes.

· They stay moist (even if you leave the pack open by mistake) for weeks on end.

· Plus, once out of its packaging, the wipe will stay wet for over an hour.

A ticket to impress your clients

Leave a job with dust and dirt everywhere and – even if your work is amazing – you won’t create a strong overall impression.

However, a quick clean with an Ultragrime wipe and you’ll leave the premises spotless.

· Our industrial wipes have the power to cut through dirt, grease, oil, grime, paint, silicon … the list goes on!

· What’s more, they clean two to three times the area when measured against other wipes (just saying!)

· And did we mention their size? They’re huge, which makes cleaning a faster and easier experience.

Safe on all surfaces

From design to manufacture and beyond we carefully analyse every component of our supersize wipes to ensure they’re safe on all surfaces.

· Our chemist analyses all the detergents and chemicals to ensure that they are harmless.

· Which means you don’t need to worry about damaging any upholstery, woodwork or work tops, wherever you’re working.

Kind to your hands as well as your pocket

Literally! No longer do you have to search fruitlessly for some running water (and soap, if you’re lucky) to clean your hands before lunch or at the end of the day.

· Our versatile industrial wipes will not only clean every trace of grime, grease, paint and dirt from your hands.

· They contain vitamin E and aloe extract, so even condition as they clean.

Like to give our Ultragrime wipes a go? Order your free sample here.