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Want Outstanding Feedback On Your Next Decorating Job?

· No running water.

· Overly-vigilant clients.

· Spillages in places they shouldn’t be.

As a decorator, these scenarios (some might call them challenges!) will no doubt be familiar. But there’s no reason that they should prevent you from getting fantastic feedback on your next job. Provided, that is, you follow our three golden rules for decorators …

Rule 1 – Protect, protect, protect

Admit it, you’d be irritated if you’d just got a new carpet and came home to find specks of paint all over it!

To avoid that scenario, it’s good practice to lay down protection, whatever job you’re doing.

· Remember, dust sheets are your friend! · We love the selection at FixFirm.

Rule 2 – Mop up spillages fast

You need to ensure that everyone in your team takes responsibility for their own spillages … and that they do so straight away.

Cleaning up wet paint or plaster is one thing. But once it’s dried, it’s a whole different story!

· Never try to finish the job you’re working on before tackling the mess.

· Clean as you go and you’ll see the benefits, especially if your client has a tendency to pop their head around the door.

Rule 3 – Use Uniwipe Ultragrime wipes

With the right product, you’ll find it easy to clear up even the biggest spillages quickly and efficiently … and that’s where we come in!

Supersize and ultra-absorbent, our Ultragrime wipes make it easy to clean as you go and to impress your clients, at the end of the day and the conclusion of the job.

· They’re not just effective on paint and other hard-to-remove substances – they’re safe and nourishing for your hands, too.

· Plus, keep a pack handy in your pocket at all times and you won’t have to hunt down the cleaning products before tackling the mess.

So not only will you get fantastic feedback on your current job. Your customer will be far more likely to recommend you for future jobs, too.

Order your free Ultragrime sample.