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Uniwipe Midi or Clothwipe – the key differences

All Uniwipe antibacterial wipes achieve the highest EN standard accreditation available and are clinically proven to help prevent the spread of germs and infections by killing bacteria and viruses. The Uniwipe unique formulation also means whilst extremely tough on bacteria and viruses the wipes don’t harm surfaces.

But what’s the difference between our two key products you ask? Read on to find out:


Cloth Size

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the ranges is the physical size and fabric of the wipes.

The Clothwipe fabric is unparalleled in the market. Our unique, supersize, strong and absorbent Clothwipes are among the largest antibacterial wipes out there; each measuring a huge 38x25cm, making their cleaning power unmatched. Their specially formulated material is very durable resembling a microfibre cloth rather than a wipe – this is perfect for those larger surface areas and thorough end-of-day cleaning. Designed for use in hospitals, one of these wipes goes a very long way.

Our Midi Wipes measure around 22cmx20cm, a more standard size of wipe, making them ideal for everyday use and for surfaces which need to be regularly cleaned throughout the day.


Pack Size

The beauty in our Midi Range is the versatility of pack size. With 3 different Pack size options – 40, 100 and 200 – we ensure there are plenty of possibilities for various companies, sectors, and cleaning requirements. Due to the size and high quality of our Clothwipe range they are exclusively available in 100 packs. Nevertheless, all our packaging is thoughtfully designed ensuring easy single wipe dispensing to help avoid waste whilst preventing wipes from drying in the pack.


Stay Wet Capability

Both our Midi-Wipe and Clothwipes are made from a unique premium fabric which holds more liquid than standard wipes. This provides an even spread of liquid, ensuring all parts of the surface is covered whilst cutting down cleaning time and cross-contamination. Whilst our Midi Wipes are wetter than standard wipes, our Clothwipes are made from a one-of-a-kind formulation meaning we can guarantee they will stay wet for over an hour out of the packet. Don’t just believe us, try it for yourselves!


Cost In Use

Our Midi wipes are ideal for large contract cleaning and bulk buying due to their lower price point making them more cost effective for industrial cleaning contracts. Our Clothwipes are our premium product meriting a slightly higher price point due to the advanced technology of the chemicals and the fabric. Both choices are still great value money making Uniwipe one of the most competitive brands on price and product quality.


At Uniwipe, we are leaders in hygiene so you can be confident that whichever wipe suits your needs best has been manufactured and rigorously tested in our in-house UK factory to ensure end-to-end premium quality and service. When you choose Uniwipe, you’re choosing the most technically advanced wipes you can buy, supported by outstanding customer service. Proactive and customer-focused in everything we do, we deliver wipes to your specification and schedule.



You may be using antibacterial wipes wrong – read our article on the common mistakes you may be making when using antibacterial wipes.
In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes users tend to make with buying, storing and using wipes, and how to avoid these pitfalls yourself. We’ll cover some top tips on popular types of wipes so you can make informed decisions, and storage & usage techniques to get maximum value and effectiveness from your cleaning routine.


See our range of wipes for office and workplace hygiene – keep your premises open and your staff safe by future-proofing your cleaning strategy.

With an effective daily cleaning strategy and effective cleaning products you can limit the spread of germs and bacteria and achieve a safer working environment.


Clinical Midi-Wipes are tested to EN16777.
This is the essential test for virucidal activity on surfaces – Uniwipe exceed this test within 60 seconds at the highest test result possible – 99.99%.

This is a step 2 test and an advance on the EN14476 which doesn’t test on surfaces. If you are wiping surfaces you need to ensure you are compliant to EN16777.

With vast experience in dealing with all manner of order requests from bulk and bespoke, multiple worldwide delivery locations or phased deliveries, once the team understands your requirements any number of solutions can be arranged.
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Your questions

All the Uniwipe wipes can be used for wiping tables, work surfaces and machinery in food areas, which should be rinsed prior to direct contact with food.

We also have the Catering Midi-Wipes which are specially developed for use in the catering & hospitality sector and are food area approved.

When cleaning high traffic areas to avoid cross contamination, we recommend that you dispose of each wipe properly after using on a surface. This way you can be sure no germs are being transferred from one surface to another.

Uniwipe products are specifically formulated to be safe on a wide range of surfaces such as hard surfaces, leather and upholstery. As they are alcohol free, they are also safe to use on technology equipment, subject to manufacturers guidelines.

Whilst some wipes are specifically designed for use on certain surfaces, the Uniwipe range of products is suitable for use on all hard surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting.

Whether you’re a distributor looking to resell our products, a large corporation looking to partner with a reputable manufacturer, or are just looking to buy a pack for yourself, we’re here to make it as easy as possible to get your hands on quality wipe solutions.

Visit our How to Buy page to get quality wipes, fast.

Uniwipe products are dermatologically tested, so are certified safe on skin. We also have the Hand & Surface wipe specifically designed and tested for use on hands. If you are prone to irritation from similar products, we recommend you wear gloves whilst using them.