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Ultragrime wipes

Uniwipe collects the dirt and keeps it on

Uniwipe technology reduces cross contamination

One of the biggest concerns about cleaning wipes and cleaning in general is cross contamination. If you are using a cloth in a few areas you could just end up spreading the mess and dirt around.

At Uniwipe we have developed a special microfibre like texture for all of our wipes that helps collect the dirt and keep it on the wipe preventing cross contamination from occurring.

The size of a Uniwipe means one wipe will go further and the combination of the material and moisture content means a single wipe will last up to one hour without drying out.

Impressed? Not only will our wipes stay wetter for longer they are also over DOUBLE the size of regular trade and shop bought wipes.

To find out which of our wipes suits your needs check out our product pages on our website here.

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