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Uniwipe and Pure Offices collaborate in Culture of Hygiene research

Research will explore if empowering individuals around hygiene in the workplace will provide reassurance about the return to the office post-pandemic

As thousands of UK workers begin to return or contemplate returning to the office environment; there is understandable anxiety from employers and employees alike about how we continue to live with the virus and the crucial role of hygiene must play in the workplace.

Pure Offices is partnering with anti-bacterial wipes manufacturer, Uniwipe on an exclusive research project to examine the “Culture of Hygiene” in offices in the post pandemic era. They will look to explore theories that empowering individuals around the cleanliness of their own workspace could ultimately provide improved reassurance and boost productivity.

Pure Offices own and manage space in 21 office locations across the UK providing flexible offices space for start ups to global corporates. The research trial will run for three months initially in the Cheadle, Nottingham and Leeds locations. The results and findings from the project will be rolled out across Pure Offices regional sites as well as being made available to Uniwipe’s office clients and distributors in the UK.

Katie Whell, Operations Director at Pure Offices said “Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, we have ensured we follow the government guidance and provide a safe working environment for our customers. Through this trial, we’re pleased to be able to offer another means of protection for our customers and look forward to finding out about the results of the research.“

Edward Rabey, Managing Director of antibacterial wipes manufacturer Uniwipe said: “The pandemic created a fundamental change in people’s standards and expectations for hygiene. We are hearing first-hand from our office sales team that employees are keen to return to an office environment in both full time and hybrid capacities – but there is understandably still some nervousness around the virus. Desks are high-touch surfaces as are keypads, keyboards etc. They require wiping down regularly with products that are designed to destroy viruses including SARS-Cov-2 and have at least a 60 second kill rate on viruses and a 30 second kill rate on bacteria to be most effective.

The Culture of Hygiene research project aims to discover if by giving the employee autonomy and a locus of control around their own workspace cleanliness – with accessible and easy-to-use cleaning products such as antibacterial wipes – this will encourage workers back and as a consequence boost productivity.

We’re delighted to be working with Pure Offices on this initial trial and we’re confident the results will be an invaluable resource for our other office clients as we continue to learn to live with Covid-19 and constantly look at new ways to navigate office hygiene.“

Both Pure Offices and Uniwipe have strong sustainability practices in place. Uniwipe ensure that 80% of their packaging is recyclable and made from recycled plastics and are partnering with MyTrees planting trees in Kenya to help offset their carbon footprint. Pure Offices are also committed to a net-zero sustainability target across their 21 locations with goals in place around solar panels, LED lighting, renewable energy, recycling and carbon footprint.


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