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Ultragrime Wipes

Ultragrime Wipes- The Decorator’s New Best Friend!

We have received some fantastic reviews recently from some of our painting and decorating friends on social media. They just love telling us how Ultragrime wipes are their new best friend on the job and it’s not hard to see why.

They are twice the size as other wipes and stay wet for up to an hour out of the packet making them great for the job and even better value for the pocket. Despite being wet they are also super absorbent cleaning up any spillages with ease.

Here is a list of 10 lovely compliments we have received over the last week alone (we’re blushing)

1- ‘They cut through grease and grime amazingly’
2- ‘I love them for cleaning my rollers’
3- ‘They are so soft and don’t scratch off paint’
4- ‘ONE wipe dissolved all of my stain issues!’
5- ‘Fantastic for cleaning customers homes’
6- ‘Skirting boards are no longer my enemy’
7- ‘I can’t get over the size of them, one wipe lasts ages’
8- ‘They don’t dry out my hands even after all day using them’
9- ‘I was shocked when it cleaned the oil-based paint off my hands. I love these wipes.
10- ‘Perfect for this industry, these are tough wipes’

Grab your pack now to see what all the fuss is about!  Why not join in the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of @Jenthedecorator


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