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Time = Money. Save on your cleaning with Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes

Time is money, or so the saying goes. And Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes are designed to save you both!

· Under £10 for one hundred mega-size wipes!

· Easy to keep close at hand, saving valuable time.

· Unlike most paper towels, dispense 1 at a time, so you don’t take more than you need.

· Large and absorbent, meaning 1 wipe does the work of a dozen paper towels (without any chemical sprays).

· No additional expense on buckets, cloths and chemicals.

They’re fast becoming the cleaning tool of choice for the automotive industry, and it’s easy to understand why!

Imagine there’s been an oil spillage. It’s on the floor and all over the car you’ve been working on, not to mention your hands!

Without Uniwipe …

Without Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes, the clean-up process probably goes something like this:

1. Go to the washroom to get the oil off your hands.

2. Find paper towels and spray bottles.

3. Hunt for chemicals, bucket and mop.

4. Use 10 plus paper towels (plus chemicals) to tackle mess on car and parts.

5. Head for the sink to fill up your bucket.

6. Clear up the spillage on the floor.

7. Tip out bucket in drain.

8. Put spray bottles, paper towels, chemicals, bucket and mop back in cleaning cupboard.

9. Finally, head back to the washroom to wash your hands again, as they’re filthy after the mammoth clean up.

It’s an arduous process, both in terms of the hassle and the time it takes. What’s more, you’re spending on paper towels, sprays, chemicals and soap.

With Uniwipe …

With your Uniwipe handy garage companion, the cleaning process looks more like this:

1. Grab your Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes from your pocket or other convenient location.

2. Take 1 super-size wipe from the pack.

3. Use it on your hands, the car, engine parts and floor.

And the job’s done! A quick and hassle-free experience!

When you look at it like that, it’s easy to see how the multi-tasking wipe will save you time and money. Plus, our wipes are strong on dirt yet gentle on your skin.

Save money, the environment and your hands

When you use Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes, you won’t just be saving time. You’ll also cut your costs on:

· Paper towels

· Chemical sprays

· Gritting soap, that’s damaging to your hands

Not only will it save your garage money. You’ll also be reducing the waste your garage produces, which has huge benefits for the environment.

And if you’re already using wipes (but not ours!) as your primary cleaning product, then making the switch will deliver savings too. You’ll pay a similar cost per pack, yet – thanks to their super-size – you’ll get double the amount of wipe per pack!

The cost-cutting, time-saving, hassle free solution to oil, grime, grease and grit in commercial garages is well and truly here!