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The Importance of Two-Stage Disinfection

In the past, it was generally accepted that a good quality sanitiser ( a detergent cleaner combined with a disinfecting agent) would be sufficient to clean. This is still the case where there is negligible risk to cross contamination. A clean as you go approach is fine in this instance.

However, where there is raw and cooked food in the same areas there is a risk of bacteria being transfered. The FSA recognise that a one level cleaning approach is not enough to ensure high standards.

The FSA also give guidelines on which sanitiser to choose. Uniwipe meets their guidlines for EN testing. Our wipes are tested to sanitising efficacy passes – exceeds EN1276, EN1650, EN13697


Cross-contamination prevention:

In food handling areas where there may be a risk of cross-contamination and where thermal disinfectant is unpractical, a two-stage process using chemical products is a great alternative.

1) Fold wipe and wipe the surface with sanitising Catering wipes.

2. Wipe again with a clean side and leave for the recommended contact time to sanitise (must be 5 minutes or less to meet BS EN 1276 but we recommend a sanitiser with a contact time of 30 seconds). The wipe again with a another clean side to fully finish the clean.


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