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The Brewery London Case Study-Uniwipe


Hospitality Cleaning

The Brewery is a multifunctional hospitality venue in the heart of London and caters for a range of events. They switched to using Uniwipe over a year ago after being unsatisfied with their cleaning methods.

Manager Adrian Dobson was previously unhappy with the cloth and spray method and felt it wasn’t time efficient he also wanted to reduce the number of chemicals being used in the cleaning routine. Time was wasted mixing chemical solutions and the cloths became dirty very quickly.

Since switching to the wipes, The Brewery has saved both time and money. They have also seen lots of other benefits since including:

  • More effective time management
  • Reduction in cross contamination
  • Ease of use
  • Simple to store
  • Higher cleaning standards across the business

One of the benefits mentioned was ease of use this is in part due to the fact that The Brewery uses a range of Ultragrime, Catering, Multipurpose and Washroom wipes meaning all aspects of the business are covered. Making it even easier for staff to establish a structured cleaning routine.

Uniwipe is a quick and simple option when it comes to cleaning a large business. The packs are easliy stored amd due to their size and strength they can deal with even the most challenging clean.

Do you think Uniwipe would be a good solution for your business? Why not try a sample today to see for yourself! Order one here.

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