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The benefits of using antiviral wipes in the workplace

As most of us have now returned to working from the office, whether that be full time or hybrid, it is now more important than ever to ensure that both employers and employees are making a conscious effort to keep the space around them clean and sanitised in order to stop the spread of unwanted bacteria and viruses. 

In this blog, the Uniwipe team has shared the top 4 benefits of using antiviral wipes in the workplace…

1. Effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses

Nowadays, many products claim to kill all types of bacteria and viruses, however this is often not entirely true. Lots of antibacterial wipes only contain the ingredients strong enough to eliminate bacteria and not viruses. Therefore, it is important as an employer that you are selecting a high quality wipe which has the capabilities to do both, helping to create a safe work environment.  

The main benefit of using antiviral wipes is that they are effective in disinfecting a number of surfaces from door handles and light switches to desktops and keyboards, helping to kill both bacteria and viruses. Our Midi-wipe Clinical Wipes are specifically formulated to target high risk areas such as offices and have been tested to some of the highest EN accreditations including EN14476 and EN1276.

Uniwipe multipurpose hotdesking

2. Useful in ‘hot desking’ situations

A 2020 US workplace study completed by Gensler highlighted that around 10% of people in the workplace did not have an assigned seat in the office. Instead many people ‘hot desk’, which is a practice in which multiple desks can be used by different people on an ad-hoc basis. This office set-up is rising, as companies downsize office space or create more flexible workspaces due to the mass adoption of hybrid working. 

Despite the system being described as dynamic and flexible, it can often increase the chances of bacteria and viruses spreading. As established in our previous blog, we know that the workplace can be a breeding ground for virus spread, whether it be through shared touch points or the air. Having multiple people use the same workspace means that there needs to be a solid cleaning routine in place to reduce the spread of germs and allow employees to feel safe and comfortable when coming to work. 

Our Midi-wipe Hand & Surface Wipes can help to keep your hands and surfaces clean all throughout the day, making them an ideal choice for the workplace. The fast-acting formula is successful against viruses, bacteria and fungi and is effective within 30 seconds, making them quick and easy to use.

Uniwipe multipurpose women cleaning keyboard

3. Quick and easy to use

Amongst other techniques such as fogging and hand sanitising as mentioned in our previous blog post, using antiviral wipes is a quick and easy way to keep your office space clean. Ensuring that employees have easy access to wipes helps to create a culture of cleanliness and encourages staff to take preventive action themselves, not relying purely upon professional cleaners. 

Whether it be wiping down your desk or cleaning up spills in the kitchen, antiviral wipes are a quick way to keep your workplace clean. Studies have shown that the number one hotspot for germs throughout the office is the kitchen – a swab test from one office kitchen showed 75% of the surfaces contained more bacteria than a sanitary bin

It is clear that the office kitchen can pose some scary statistics when it comes to germs, as another study by NDTV shows that up to 90% of mugs in office kitchens are coated with germs and 20% of those mugs carry faecal matter!

At Uniwipe, we have a range of wipes which are specifically designed for the workplace, proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria as well as enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. 

4. Can be bought in bulk

If you are an employer looking to improve your current business’ cleaning routine, you probably are looking for a cleaning product that will maximise hygiene protection whilst saving you time and money. Due to our effective in-house manufacturing, our wipes can be purchased in bulk, offering you a range of benefits as identified in our previous blog.

To learn more about the benefits of antiviral wipes, and to discover our range of wipes available to buy, please click here


The benefits of using antiviral wipes in the workplace


Watch our video highlighting the Uniwipe range and the processes involved in creating the ultimate range of wipes. From manufacturing and distribution to advice and customer service, our in-house production facilities mean we can offer the very best in service and quality.

With vast experience in dealing with all manner of order requests from bulk and bespoke, multiple worldwide delivery locations or phased deliveries, once the team understands your requirements any number of solutions can be arranged.
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