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The benefits of buying wet wipes directly from a manufacturer

When it comes to buying wet wipes, customers often purchase through a distributor, however, there’s actually several benefits for those who buy direct from the manufacturer, including cost savings, a greater level of flexibility and an enhanced customer service experience. 

At Uniwipe, our UK based in-house manufacturing facility is one of the driving forces that allows us to sell directly to our customers and we’re proud to have adopted a model that  makes the purchase journey simpler. 

To explain how this works in more detail, we caught up with our Sales and Customer Support Representative, Denver, about the benefits…


Lower costs

One of the main benefits of purchasing wet wipes directly from the manufacturer is lower costs. When a manufacturer sells a product to a retailer or distributor, an additional fee is added by the distributor in order to make a profit and to cover the extra carriage and labour costs incurred. This in turn means that customers end up paying slightly more for the exact same product. By working with Uniwipe, even small companies can experience the cost savings of buying directly from the manufacturer. 



Flexibility when purchasing

When it comes to ordering specific quantities of wet wipes, it can be difficult to get your hands on smaller quantities as many manufacturers only offer their products in bulk, meaning that buying direct is not a viable option for smaller businesses. However, at Uniwipe we offer our customers the flexibility to create bespoke orders, giving them the option to buy direct from us no matter what their needs or requirements may be.

Additionally, when dealing with the manufacturer directly, you begin to build a strong and trustworthy relationship. As a customer, it can be difficult to find a product that fits your exact requirements however, when dealing with the manufacturer instead of the distributor, there is more room for flexibility and customisation. 


Enhanced customer service

At Uniwipe, all of our wipes are manufactured in our UK-based factory which is dedicated to producing high quality wet wipes. From our independent laboratory testing to rigorous quality checks, we want to ensure that our customers are provided with an unmatchable quality of wet wipe that can be used to eliminate bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively. 

With more than two decades of experience, our team has become experts in the antibacterial and antiviral wet wipe field. Purchasing directly from us as the manufacturer means that you are guaranteed to be given the best advice possible and access to specialist knowledge. 

Our team is also on hand to help guide you in choosing a product which best meets your requirements. From wet wipes that can be used throughout medical settings such as our Midi-Wipe Patient and Midi-Wipe Clinical to wipes that are specifically designed to be gentle on the skin such as our Midi-Wipe Hand & Surface – we offer a wide selection of wet wipes suited for all your cleaning and disinfectant needs. 



First-class communication 

Customers that decide to buy straight from the manufacturer, benefit from having a direct line of communication. Any complex questions or issues regarding product availability, sizing or specifications can be answered quickly and efficiently. This is something that distributors may struggle with as they have a long chain of communication, often acting as ‘the middleman’. 

Since our wet wipe manufacturing is done in-house, our team has greater control and larger involvement in the supply chain process, meaning it’s easier for our staff to notify customers of product delays or unavailability. 


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