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Sourcing cleaning wipes that’ll keep your customers happy

Do you choose your cleaning wipes based on the price? Believe it or not, it’s something that many resellers do, however, it’s an approach that’s extremely limiting and may not necessarily lead to happy customers.
In our experience of providing wipes for clinical and commercial environments, we’ve found that resellers tend to fall into the trap of purely focusing on the price per wipe, as opposed to the price per size or quantity, which will provide them with better value for their money.
Not considering the type of material is also another common pitfall that often catches people out. For instance, are you just simply buying a pack of wipes, or wipes that offer a proven ability to deliver the best possible cleaning results? There’s a distinct difference between the two, and taking the time to pose this question at the outset will save you time and money in the long run.
Another mistake that’s often made when sourcing wipes is to opt for economy wipes in the belief they they’re longer-lasting, when in fact, wipes that are larger and more substantial, meaning you can use less of them and clean faster, offer a much better overall return on investment.
As well as being aware of the pitfalls we’ve listed above, health and safety compliance is central to sourcing wipes that’ll keep your customers happy and ensure contamination control. Key questions you might want to ask yourself include:
1. Do your wipes conform to the latest European (EN) Standards for disinfection? For example, our wipes exceed the relevant EN Standards for the areas in which they have been designed to be used.
2. What chemicals do they contain? We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that none of our wipes contain any harmful additives and that the chemicals we do use, are clearly listed on the packaging.
3. Is it clear what they should be used for? Using the right wipe in the right area is essential to providing the highest standards of hygiene. Does your wipe supplier make it easy for you to ascertain where your wipes should be used? For instance, we’ve colour-coded all of our packs in accordance with The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) standards, so that it’s 100% clear which of our wipes should be used where and there’s less chance of them being used in the wrong environments.
While it can be very tempting to simply select a wipe on face value, there’s a lot more to choosing a wipe than simply choosing a wipe. There are a number of important factors that need to be considered, some of which we’ve touched on above. Believe it or not, not every wipe kills bacteria, which is why it’s particularly important you take the time to research your wipes which, in turn, will help lead to happy customers and better overall cleaning results.