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Size Matters When it Comes to Cleaning

Size matters when it comes to cleaning wipes. Ultragrime super performance wipes have been getting rave reviews over the last few months and the one thing that keeps getting mentioned is their size!

One super-sized wipe comes in at a staggering 38cm x 25cm. Here are the main reasons why size matters when it comes to cleaning with Ultragrime.

1- They last longer-because the wipe will stay wet up to an hour out of the packet they go a lot further when it comes to cleaning.

2- One wipe will do the job– do you ever find yourself pulling out a few wipes to clean up a messy job knowing one will never be enough. With Ultragrime the wipes are so big one wipe will be plenty.

3- No job is too big– Wipes usually are not suitable for larger jobs but Ultragrime is up to the challenge. Need your car cleaning? Ultragrime will not only get the job done but also save you time. Plus they are safe on all interiors why not give the inside a clean too!

4- They don’t just clean dirt and grime- Spilt paint or oil? No need to search for a cloth ultragrime is also super absorbent and their size makes them perfect for cleaning up spillages.

5-One pack will last you much longer- The size of the wipes inevitably means that the whole pack will last longer saving you money in the long run. Not only do these wipes have super performance they are also performing well for your pocket.

If you would like to try Ultragrime for yourself why not order a sample here.

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