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Made in UK

Midi-Wipe Hand & Surface

Specially formulated cleaning and disinfection wipe for hands and surfaces. The hand safe formulation makes them the ideal choice for everyday use in schools and offices where hands and surfaces need to be regularly cleaned through the day.

Alcohol free and fast-acting against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Tested to: EN16615, EN1276, EN13727, EN13697, EN13624, EN14561, EN14476, EN16777

Available Pack Sizes

100 Pack

Hand & Surface Midi-Wipes have some of the highest EN accreditation available, so you can clean with confidence. Antibacterial, Virucidal, Fungicidal and dermatologically tested, they can be used all day every day without damaging hands and surfaces.

Dual action cleaner and disinfectant, effective within 30 seconds with a proven 99.999% bacteria kill rate.

Wipe size – 220mm x 165mm
100 wipes per pack
Sanitising efficacy passed & exceeds EN16615, EN1276, EN13727, EN13697, EN13624, EN14561, EN14476, EN16777
Alcohol Free, Gentle on Surfaces

Z-fold dispensing
Plastic Sealable lid
Polypropylene fabric
Recyclable packaging
Safe for hands and hard surface sanitising
Dermatologically tested – safe & kind to hands
Made in the UK

Reorder Code: 1025

Product features
Antibacterial & Virucidal
Safe on Hands
Fast-Acting Formula
Alcohol Free
Unbeatable Price Promise

Key product uses

These wipes fit into the Yellow Zone of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) colour coded cleaning system.

This means they’re for use in high infection risk areas such as medical environments for cleaning and disinfecting. They’re also great for use in schools where wipes are used by students and need to be gentle on skin.

All our wipes follow this colour coding system, and should be used in this way for the ultimate standard of cleaning and disinfection in any establishment.

Part of the essential toolkit for schools and universities getting back to normal. Eliminate cross-contamination with this dual-action cleaner and sanitiser, it’s alcohol free and dermatologically tested – safe on hands.

Keep your hands and surfaces safe while travelling for business or leisure. Tested to EN13727, EN1276, EN14476 and effective  against 99.999% of bacteria within 30 seconds, making this the perfect travel companion.

Perfect for large vehicle fleets as the handy pack size fits nicely into a glove box or door pocket.

Keep your drivers safe while out and about, when using public services or interacting with others. Hand safe and safe to use all day every day.

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With a range of highly effective wipes, each engineered for its specific uses and produced in-house, Uniwipe really is the only wipe you need as businesses open up again and beyond.

Eliminate frustrating delivery delays, stock or quality issues and speak to a member of our expert support team to find out how we can help you.

What our
customers are saying

    I have a number of accounts who started using them this year - and I have to say they love them.

    Education Distributor

    Everything about the Uniwipe is right. The size. The moisture. The effectiveness. Every school we deal with loves them.


    Great company to work with, and the service is fast and reliable.

    Janitorial Stockist

Your questions

This is the essential test for virucidal activity on surfaces. Uniwipe exceed this test within 60 seconds at the highest test result possible – 99.99%.

This is a step 2 test and an advance on the EN14476 which doesn’t test on surfaces. If you are wiping surfaces you need to ensure you are compliant to EN16777.

The Uniwipe Midi range of wipes are safe for use on all surfaces including on all IT equipment – we recommend using these wipes within the manufacturer guidelines for best results.

It’s never safe to mix chemicals, which means that you should never combine spray disinfectants and bacteria wipes. While it may seem like a way to kill more germs, mixing spray disinfectants and antibacterial wipes can result in a hazardous mixture of chemicals. As long as you thoroughly wipe down the surface, using just one cleaning solution will kill all the germs. There’s no need to take the risks involved with using more than one chemical.

Antibacterial wipes are only effective when they distribute the correct amount of cleaning agent to the surface – they should be moist and fresh out of the pack in order to work properly. Dry wipes are unable to dispense any cleaning agent, so will not kill any germs. Surfaces should also be left to naturally air dry for at least the stated contact time, otherwise sanitising wipes are not guaranteed to be effective.

A big problem with tubs is the fact that people end up using many more wipes than necessary to get the job done – they are on a perforated roll and users tend to pull out 2 or 3 at a time instead of just the 1 they need, all the wipes in the tub dry out if the lid is left open and the top wipe is often dry because it’s been poking through the top.
There is also a high level of waste created, both in the immediate and long term – initially in a working environment, the tubs can be easily cracked or the lid popped open, causing the wipes to dry out. And an empty tub is the same size as a full one, creating more waste than a pack.

In the bigger picture, this also translates into more waste at landfill – not an issue with packs as they’re recyclable, and even if they are sent to landfill, they’re made using over 70% less plastic than tubs. Our specially designed packs with moisture-locking lids keep the packs wet even with the lid left open, and the wipes are z-folded to dispense 1 at a time.

Our range of antibacterial wipes are designed to evenly distribute the cleaning agent onto a surface, ensuring a sufficient coverage for killing germs and bacteria. If cloths and sprays are used, it can result in uneven coverage and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the product. There’s also a much higher chance of cross-contamination or spreading germs around, as the same cloth is used for multiple surfaces, rather than the single-use benefits of disposable wipes.

You can read our full blog on Wipes Vs Sprays here.

It’s important to use wipes rather than sprays when cleaning around or near food, as the chemical particles in the air can travel and land on food or serving items. Our Catering Midi-Wipes are food area approved, and effective within 30 seconds, so you can clean with confidence.

In hospitals and medical environments, there are areas where the risk of infection spreading to people – from surfaces or other people – is particularly high. These are known as High Risk Areas, and include the likes of busy wards, operating theatres and dentist rooms. According to the BICSc colour-coding system, the cleaning products used in these areas should be yellow – for use in high infection risk areas such as medical environments for cleaning and disinfecting.

Delivery drivers are often in contact with many different people during the day, from multiple different companies. This makes it really important that they’re protecting both themselves and those they meet from harmful viruses like the Covid-19 virus. Wipes such as our Clinical Midi-Wipes are tested to EN14476, proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 within 30 seconds, making them a great option for those needing to sanitise quickly. The Hand & Surface Midi-Wipes are also tested to EN14476 and are safe on hands – this, and their small pack size, makes them the ideal choice to keep in a door pocket or glove box for delivery drivers.

High traffic areas in a workplace could include computers/keyboards, chairs, door handles, stationery and shared appliances such as microwave, coffee machine, kettle and magazines.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) recommends cleaning products should be colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning.
Yellow Zone: for use in high infection risk areas such as medical environments for cleaning and disinfecting.
Green Zone: for use in catering and food areas for cleaning and disinfecting.
Red Zone: for use in washrooms for cleaning and disinfecting
Blue Zone: for use in low infection risk areas for cleaning and damp dusting.
This makes it really easy to follow effective cleaning procedures and eliminate cross-contamination.

All our Uniwipe products conform to this guide for speed and efficiency.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (or BICSc for short) is an independent educational body in the cleaning industry, which sets out best practices for the industry.

We have a range of pack sizes available, including 40, 100 and 200 wipes per pack. We offer the Clinical Midi-Wipes in all these sizes.

Our Clothwipe range of wipes is perfect for use on floors due to their huge size, and they hold so much moisture. This means they’re great for cleaning large areas and their high absorbency capacity means they can soak up spills.

High traffic areas in a home could include door handles, light switches, stair bannisters, keys, cupboard door handles. Also bear in mind car surfaces such as door handles, gear stick, steering wheel and buttons.

High traffic areas are places that are touched frequently throughout the day by different people. This can lead to easy transmission of germs and viruses. Common examples of high traffic areas would be door handles, light switches, shared technology, tables, chairs etc

Uniwipe products are specifically formulated to be safe on a wide range of surfaces such as hard surfaces, leather and upholstery. As they are alcohol free, they are also safe to use on technology equipment.

The main use for antibacterial and virucidal wipes is to stop the spread of germs and keep surfaces clean and safe. In order to be most effective, you should use a new wipe for each new surface you clean – for example, if cleaning and office, you should use one wipe per desk or workstation. This greatly reduces the chance of germs transferring to another workstation, and is the best way stop cross-contamination.

At Uniwipe, we create 2 main types of wipes – the Clothwipe and the Midi-Wipe ranges. Uniwipe Clothwipes are supersized, strong and absorbent wipes and are among the biggest cleaning and antibacterial wipes on the market. With 100 wipes per pack, each measuring a huge 38x25cm, their cleaning power is unmatched. They’ll stay wet for over an hour out of the pack, and the thick absorbent fabric gives a really deep clean.

The Midi-Wipes are our range of powerful antibacterial and disinfectant wipes designed for all commercial cleaning requirements. They’re the most cost effective for large volumes, with some of the highest medical testing available, and are the wipe range of choice for large corporations and medical institutions.

At Uniwipe all our wipes are made in-house, catering for even the biggest of global orders in our own UK factory. Total end-to-end control means stringent quality control and monitoring processes are continually reviewed and implemented.

This control over the supply chain means we’re able to offer unparalleled quality, service and support as we’re not dependent on other factories for our products. It also means there’s no holdups or delays in the case of import or border issues and allows us to offer a stable pricing structure to our distributors.

Our normal lead time for customers is 3-5 working days, however we can offer much faster service if required and our scheduling & booking service means you can plan deliveries ahead if the goods aren’t required immediately.

Dermatological testing is a great way to know if wipes are likely to be gentle on skin, however dermatologically tested wipes may still cause a reaction for those with very sensitive skin. For those prone to allergic reactions from chemicals, the chances of a flare-up are higher so it’s worth knowing what to look out for when purchasing products. Avoid wipes with alcohol or bleach as these are more likely to react with and/or dry out skin, causing irritation and dryness. Fragrances or perfume in products is also a common cause for an allergic reaction. If in doubt, wear gloves when using cleaning products.

Our Hand & Surface wipe is dermatologically tested for skin, and is fragrance, bleach and alcohol free.

EN14476 is the EN standard that confirms a product is effective against enveloped viruses. It’s become popular since the Covid-19 pandemic as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is an enveloped virus – so products tested to the EN14476 standard are proven effective against the virus. All our antibacterial wipes are tested to EN14476, meaning they’re a great tool to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Whether you’re a distributor looking to resell our products, a large corporation looking to partner with a reputable manufacturer, or are just looking to buy a pack for yourself, we’re here to make it as easy as possible to get your hands on quality wipe solutions.

Visit our How to Buy page to get quality wipes, fast.

It’s important to dispose of wipes correctly, which usually means putting them in the general waste bin. Never flush wipes – even so-called ‘flushable’ wipes cause serious problems in water and sewer systems further down the line, most notably resulting in the infamous ‘fat-bergs’.

Wipes should be disposed of responsibly and correctly to avoid cross contamination, general waste bins will normally be sufficient for general cleaning and disinfecting. In a medical environment please follow local trust regulations for waste and contaminated waste.

High traffic areas are places that are touched frequently throughout the day by different people. This can lead to easy transmission of germs and viruses. Common examples of high traffic areas would be door handles, light switches, shared technology, tables, chairs etc

All the Uniwipe wipes can be used for wiping tables, work surfaces and machinery in food areas, which should be rinsed prior to direct contact with food.

We also have the Catering Midi-Wipes which are specially developed for use in the catering & hospitality sector and are food area approved.

Our main production facility is at our Head Office in Scotland, and from there we ship all over the UK and across the globe. UK manufacturing has many benefits for our products and services, from supply chain management to quality control and speed of service.

Uniwipe products are dermatologically tested, so are certified safe on skin. We also have the Hand & Surface wipe specifically designed and tested for use on hands. If you are prone to irritation from similar products, we recommend you wear gloves whilst using them.

Uniwipe products are specifically formulated to be safe on a wide range of surfaces such as hard surfaces, leather and upholstery. As they are alcohol free, they are also safe to use on technology equipment, subject to manufacturers guidelines.

Whilst some wipes are specifically designed for use on certain surfaces, the Uniwipe range of products is suitable for use on all hard surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting.

SARS-CoV-2 is a virus from the coronavirus family of enveloped viruses, which causes the Covid-19 disease. It’s the first known coronavirus to transfer to humans and is the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The name was chosen because the virus is genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for the SARS outbreak of 2003. While related, the two viruses are different.
Virus: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
Disease: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Bactericidal wipes kill bacteria and a Virucidal wipes kill viruses. Often, if a product is only labelled as antibacterial it will not have a proven virus kill rate. Our Antibacterial & Virucidal wipes are tested to kill both bacteria and enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2.

EN codes on packaging certifies the products are tested and conform to European Standards of effectiveness. There are many different EN standards for different tests against various bacteria, viruses and fungi.

EN standards are required for biocidal products – products with a substance designed to kill germs and bacteria – in order to prove their effectiveness. Products with EN standards give assurance that their performance is tested with verified and recognised methods.

All our wipes are professionally tested in regulated independent laboratories to European standards, and conform to the highest standards available. EN14476, for example, is the test for enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2 – our antibacterial wipes are effective in just 30 seconds.

You should disinfect as often as possible, especially high traffic or communal use areas. Coronavirus for example can live on hard surfaces for days. High touch surfaces such as countertops, door handles, bathroom fixtures, toilets, computers, keyboards and phones should be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Bacteria are microscopic free living single celled organisms which can quickly reproduce on a contaminated surface – a surface contaminated with raw meat, for example, could have millions of bacteria per square centimetre. A kill rate of 99.999% will kill 100 times more bacteria than that of 99.9% kill rate. That’s why it’s so important to use products with proven kill rates of 99.999% to remove the maximum amount of bacteria possible.

When cleaning high traffic areas to avoid cross contamination, we recommend that you dispose of each wipe properly after using on a surface. This way you can be sure no germs are being transferred from one surface to another.

All of our wipes are alcohol free and gentle enough to be used around children, making them ideal for schools and nurseries.