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Made in UK

Premium Personal Care

These soft and gentle skin safe patient cleansing wipes include soothing aloe vera for a quick and easy body cleaning solution.

Combining strength, softness and absorbency, Uniwipe® Personal Care wipes are the perfect solution for individualised continence care, bathing regimens and any other type of patient care.

Alcohol, Lanolin & Paraben free.

Available Pack Sizes

80 Pack

Available Accessories

Midi-Wipe Dispenser

Wall dispenser for the Uniwipe Midi-Wipes range. With self-adhesive backing and screw holes for easy mounting to any surface.

The advanced formula and super-soft spunlace fabric offers a premium option for personal and patient care. 

Wipe size – 200mm x 280mm
80 wipes per pack
Alcohol Free, Gentle on Surfaces
Dermatologically tested – safe & kind to skin
Highly absorbent fabric 
Lightly Fresh Scented
Stays wet for longer


Z-fold dispensing
Quality Clip lid
Spunlace fabric
Very low foaming
Recyclable packaging
Made in the UK

Reorder Code: 1075

Product features
Safe and Kind to hands
Alcohol Free
All-Surface Cleaner
Quick Clean
Remove Germs

Key product uses

Extra strong, super absorbent wipes suitable for personalised patient washing applications from individualised continence care, bathing regimens to any other type of patient care.

Specifically designed for patient care, these wipes are dermatologically tested safe on skin

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With a range of highly effective wipes, each engineered for its specific uses and produced in-house, Uniwipe really is the only wipe you need as businesses open up again and beyond.

Eliminate frustrating delivery delays, stock or quality issues and speak to a member of our expert support team to find out how we can help you.

What our
customers are saying

    I am in love with Uniwipes, I use Washroom wipes and I cannot get enough of them!


    Home User

    These wipes have changed the way we clean - switching to Uniwipe has made us so much more efficient as a cleaning company.

    Contract Cleaner

    I have a number of accounts who started using them this year - and I have to say they love them.

    Education Distributor

Your questions

A big problem with tubs is the fact that people end up using many more wipes than necessary to get the job done – they are on a perforated roll and users tend to pull out 2 or 3 at a time instead of just the 1 they need, all the wipes in the tub dry out if the lid is left open and the top wipe is often dry because it’s been poking through the top.
There is also a high level of waste created, both in the immediate and long term – initially in a working environment, the tubs can be easily cracked or the lid popped open, causing the wipes to dry out. And an empty tub is the same size as a full one, creating more waste than a pack.

In the bigger picture, this also translates into more waste at landfill – not an issue with packs as they’re recyclable, and even if they are sent to landfill, they’re made using over 70% less plastic than tubs. Our specially designed packs with moisture-locking lids keep the packs wet even with the lid left open, and the wipes are z-folded to dispense 1 at a time.

At Uniwipe all our wipes are made in-house, catering for even the biggest of global orders in our own UK factory. Total end-to-end control means stringent quality control and monitoring processes are continually reviewed and implemented.

This control over the supply chain means we’re able to offer unparalleled quality, service and support as we’re not dependent on other factories for our products. It also means there’s no holdups or delays in the case of import or border issues and allows us to offer a stable pricing structure to our distributors.

Uniwipe products are dermatologically tested, so are certified safe on skin. We also have the Hand & Surface wipe specifically designed and tested for use on hands. If you are prone to irritation from similar products, we recommend you wear gloves whilst using them.

It’s important to dispose of wipes correctly, which usually means putting them in the general waste bin. Never flush wipes – even so-called ‘flushable’ wipes cause serious problems in water and sewer systems further down the line, most notably resulting in the infamous ‘fat-bergs’.

Wipes should be disposed of responsibly and correctly to avoid cross contamination, general waste bins will normally be sufficient for general cleaning and disinfecting. In a medical environment please follow local trust regulations for waste and contaminated waste.

In hospitals and medical environments, there are areas where the risk of infection spreading to people – from surfaces or other people – is particularly high. These are known as High Risk Areas, and include the likes of busy wards, operating theatres and dentist rooms. According to the BICSc colour-coding system, the cleaning products used in these areas should be yellow – for use in high infection risk areas such as medical environments for cleaning and disinfecting.