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Helping you to protect your drivers and logistics teams for safe deliveries and effective operations.


Protect your drivers as they visit sites, warehouses and delivery points. Keep your vehicle interiors clean and infection free, helping to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria & viruses. Uniwipe antibacterial wipes achieve the highest EN accreditation available including EN14476, EN1276, EN13727, EN16615 and EN14561. These EN numbers provide the reassurance that they are clinically proven to help prevent the spread of germs and infections by killing enveloped viruses and 99.999% of bacteria.

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At Uniwipe, all wipes are made in-house catering for even the biggest of global orders in our own UK factory. Total end-to-end control means stringent quality control and monitoring processes are continually reviewed and implemented.

At Uniwipe, all wipes are made in-house catering for even the biggest of global orders in our own UK factory. Total end-to-end control means stringent quality control and monitoring processes are continually reviewed and implemented.

Handy size

Our Midi-Wipe Hand & Surface wipes are perfect for drivers. Their alcohol free, safe-on-hands formulation means they won’t dry out hands even with regular use, and they’re packed in a handy sized pack of 100 which fits nicely into a door pocket or glove box. Effective within 30 seconds against viruses and 99.999% of bacteria for ultimate protection.

Buying for your business made easy

At Uniwipe we are as committed to high quality, personal service as we are to our products. Our dedicated expert team is on hand to discuss your cleaning challenges and needs. Help and advice is readily available to enable you to make the right choices for your medical environment or business. With vast experience in dealing with all manner of order requests from bulk and bespoke, multiple delivery locations or phased deliveries, once the team understands your requirements any number of solutions can be arranged.  

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Delivery drivers are often in contact with many different people during the day, from multiple different companies. This makes it really important that they’re protecting both themselves and those they meet from harmful viruses like the Covid-19 virus. Wipes such as our Clinical Midi-Wipes are tested to EN14476, proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 within 30 seconds, making them a great option for those needing to sanitise quickly. The Hand & Surface Midi-Wipes are also tested to EN14476 and are safe on hands – this, and their small pack size, makes them the ideal choice to keep in a door pocket or glove box for delivery drivers.

All the Uniwipe wipes can be used for wiping tables, work surfaces and machinery in food areas, which should be rinsed prior to direct contact with food.

We also have the Catering Midi-Wipes which are specially developed for use in the catering & hospitality sector and are food area approved.

Bacteria are microscopic free living single celled organisms which can quickly reproduce on a contaminated surface – a surface contaminated with raw meat, for example, could have millions of bacteria per square centimetre. A kill rate of 99.999% will kill 100 times more bacteria than that of 99.9% kill rate. That’s why it’s so important to use products with proven kill rates of 99.999% to remove the maximum amount of bacteria possible.

EN14476 is the EN standard that confirms a product is effective against enveloped viruses. It’s become popular since the Covid-19 pandemic as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is an enveloped virus – so products tested to the EN14476 standard are proven effective against the virus. All our antibacterial wipes are tested to EN14476, meaning they’re a great tool to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Dermatological testing is a great way to know if wipes are likely to be gentle on skin, however dermatologically tested wipes may still cause a reaction for those with very sensitive skin. For those prone to allergic reactions from chemicals, the chances of a flare-up are higher so it’s worth knowing what to look out for when purchasing products. Avoid wipes with alcohol or bleach as these are more likely to react with and/or dry out skin, causing irritation and dryness. Fragrances or perfume in products is also a common cause for an allergic reaction. If in doubt, wear gloves when using cleaning products.

Our Hand & Surface wipe is dermatologically tested for skin, and is fragrance, bleach and alcohol free.

When cleaning high traffic areas to avoid cross contamination, we recommend that you dispose of each wipe properly after using on a surface. This way you can be sure no germs are being transferred from one surface to another.

It’s important to dispose of wipes correctly, which usually means putting them in the general waste bin. Never flush wipes – even so-called ‘flushable’ wipes cause serious problems in water and sewer systems further down the line, most notably resulting in the infamous ‘fat-bergs’.

Wipes should be disposed of responsibly and correctly to avoid cross contamination, general waste bins will normally be sufficient for general cleaning and disinfecting. In a medical environment please follow local trust regulations for waste and contaminated waste.

You should disinfect as often as possible, especially high traffic or communal use areas. Coronavirus for example can live on hard surfaces for days. High touch surfaces such as countertops, door handles, bathroom fixtures, toilets, computers, keyboards and phones should be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

The main use for antibacterial and virucidal wipes is to stop the spread of germs and keep surfaces clean and safe. In order to be most effective, you should use a new wipe for each new surface you clean – for example, if cleaning and office, you should use one wipe per desk or workstation. This greatly reduces the chance of germs transferring to another workstation, and is the best way stop cross-contamination.