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NHS medical device wipes

Our products, Clinical 2-in-1 wipes (VJT85006, VJT85007) and Multipurpose wipes (VJT85008), are suitable for non-invasive medical devices, and can be found in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.
At Uniwipe, we understand the vital importance of infection prevention at NHS facilities. Our specially formulated Clinical 2-in-1 (VJT85006, VJT85007) and Multipurpose wipes (VJT85008) are cost-effective and sustainable cleaning solutions that are suitable for all NHS environments. Safe on skin and surfaces, both of these products are UKCA compliant, manufactured in the UK, and are available on the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.
UKCA certified

Our Clinical 2-in-1 wipes (VJT85006, VJT85007) guarantee a 99.999% kill rate of bacteria, are effective within 30 seconds against cross-contamination, infections, and enveloped viruses, and are officially a UKCA certified Class IIa Medical Device product.

Also UKCA compliant, our Multipurpose wipes (Class I) (VJT85008) are an ideal tool for cleaning lower infection risk areas.

Both products are suitable for non-invasive medical devices, and can be found in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue:

UKCA is the post-Brexit equivalent to the CE mark (EU standard). All our Medical Device products conform to UKCA marking (or applicable legislation) and we are ISO 13485 accredited.

Cost-effective wipes
manufactured in the UK

Uniwipe Clinical (VJT85006, VJT85007) and Multipurpose wipes (VJT85008) are manufactured in our dedicated UK facility, ensuring a seamless buying process for our NHS customers as well as an assured and reliable delivery service.

Medical users can be assured of a robust supply chain that’s not reliant on imports which can mean fluctuating lead times and costs. Uniwipe offers a total solution and service to make the sourcing, purchasing and delivery of highly-effective wipes quick, easy and reliable.


Our wipes are completely safe on skin and surfaces, meaning PPE isn’t required during use. This will not only lead to cost savings for NHS customers, but both products are also a more sustainable option as clients can avoid the wastage associated with single-use gloves.

Clinical 2-in-1 wipes (VJT85006, VJT85007) are the ideal tool for high risk infection areas including medical environments. They are antibacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and dermatologically tested, and are effective within 30 seconds.

Multipurpose wipes (VJT85008) can be used in low risk environments for removing dust and dirt, and are dermatologically tested to be safe on hands.

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    Everything about the Uniwipe is right. The size. The moisture. The effectiveness. Every school we deal with loves them.


    These wipes have changed the way we clean - switching to Uniwipe has made us so much more efficient as a cleaning company.

    Contract Cleaner

    Great company to work with, and the service is fast and reliable.

    Janitorial Stockist

Product Features
Alcohol Free
Unique Fabric & Formula
Safe & Kind To Hands
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