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A New Way To Clean

Our kitchen is one place in particular where cleaning is vital. A friend described their home life recently as ‘being in a constant state of low-level cleaning’ and honestly, I can totally relate especially when it comes to my kitchen. It is by far the most used room in the house and I am astounded daily at how quickly it can go from sparkling clean to a total mess. Since switching to Uniwipe catering wipes I can safely say it has become a whole lot easier to keep on top of cleaning. Not only that but getting rid of my dishcloth has reduced if not eliminated cross-contamination (which was needed due to my less than diligent partner!)

I use them for everything and find due to the ease of use I am reaching for them more frequently than I would have the cloth. Meaning the kitchen looks and feels a lot cleaner overall.

Now obviously I love Uniwipe, I am a huge fan, but I wanted to test Uniwipe with the super cleaners, the obsessives, the Instagrammers that live to clean. We hand-picked a few of them to integrate our Catering wipes into their everyday routine. Here is what they had to say:

”I can’t believe the size. The thing I like best about them is the fact that they pick up the dirt and keep it on. Everything sinks into them. They are magic wipes”

”I’ve used them to wipe my kitchen down and clean the little ones high chair and I must say for Cleaning the high chair they are amazing! The wipes are big enough that just one will do even after a messy meal!”

”Unreal wipes, used nothing like them before. Would happily clean my whole house with them. One wipe lasts ages and best of all the kids have been helping me clean”

”The wipes are amazing, I can’t believe how big they are. I have used them all around the house and one wipe lasts ages. It’s hard to imagine the size of the pack until you see them for yourself.”

”These wipes are brilliant and I used them to clean the fridge. They are 100% food safe and have no harsh chemicals that’s my favourite thing about them. They don’t smell of heavy chemicals at all.”

”So much bigger than any wipe I have tried before and trust me I’ve tried them all. The texture is also completely different.”




So you have read the reviews and heard what we think. Convinced yet? Why not try a small sample for yourself! Enter your details here.