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Made in UK

Need a wipe that’s clinically proven to sanitise?

· Looking for a cleaning product that conforms to EN1276 and EN13727 standards?

· That’s proven to leave every surface clean and grime free?

· And that’s incredibly easy to use?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you’re in the right place. Uniwipe Clinical Sanitising Wipes are the largest, strongest and most powerful wipes in our range.

Trusted in healthcare organisations around the globe

From hospitals and care homes to dentists and doctors’ surgeries, the Uniwipe Clinical Sanitising Wipe is popular around the globe. And here’s why: our wipes clean surfaces and remove dirt, simultaneously breaking down bacteria and applying sanitiser to the surface.

· A fully certified cleaning solution – our wipes meet EN1276 and EN13727 standards, killing Norovirus, MRSA and H1N1 and eliminating cross-contamination.

· Supersize guarantees efficiency – at 38cm x 25cm, the supersize wipes make it easy to clean quickly and efficiently.

· Harmless and hand safe – despite their antibacterial qualities, our unscented wipes are alcohol free and completely safe to use.

Revolutionise your cleaning regime

If you currently use a myriad of cleaning products – chemical sprays, cloths that need laundering, mops and buckets – it’s time for a change.

· Suitable for all surfaces – clinical establishments everywhere are turning to Uniwipe for a one-stop solution that works on every surface.

· A heavy-duty option – made from low-lint, micro-fibre fabric, our wipes are perfect for trapping dirt and killing bacteria.

· Developed by experts – from sourcing to manufacture and beyond, we ensure that our Clinical Sanitising Wipes exceed all required standards.

· Delivering peace of mind – discover a cleaning solution that’s fully tested and compliant and completely safe for every member of your team.

The unique Uniwipe formula has been developed and perfected over many years, bringing you the most technically advanced wipes on the market.

Get in touch for your free sample and to learn how our wipes will help your business.