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Multipurpose wipes are a hit with homeowners

Homeowners love Uniwipe

We have seen a recent surge in homeowners using our Multipurpose wipes due to their size and versatility.

Our Multipurpose wipes are the same as the other Uniwipe packs and contain 100 huge 38 x 25cm wipes.

They are grippy and absorbent and are fantastic for both cleaning and dusting as they pick the dirt up and keep it on.


Some of the feedback we have had from homeowners!

They are the biggest wipes I have ever seen, one wipe cleaned a whole room’

Absolutely huge, fantastic to clean the areas that need a good scrub. These wipes are tough and don’t fall apart’

The wipes are so wet and are more like a cloth. I use them to clean the blinds which have” always been tricky’

I was recommended these by a friend and I absolutely love them. Great for cleaning the hop and benches. The kitchen feels clean in minutes.’

Other wipes leaving my hands feeling dry but these I could honestly use all day, love them’

The best cleaning wipes I have ever tried, absolutely huge and the pack lasted me a whole month’

If you have not tried our multipurpose why not request a small sample here. If you would like any more info feel free to contact us