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High-performance medical wipes in the UK

High-performance cleaning

Now more than ever, it’s fundamental that you and your patients can rely on your cleaning products consistently delivering results.  

Whether you're removing dirt or wiping down surfaces, it’s essential that your medical wipes are fit for purpose - especially in areas where there’s a high infection risk such as hospitals, care homes, or medical centres to name a few. 

Medical environments require the highest level of hygiene standards due to the continually rising risk of cross-contamination, therefore selecting the highest quality antibacterial wipe possible is vital in keeping you and your patients safe. 

The benefits of buying medical-grade antibacterial wipes
  • Certified sanitising efficiency tested to EN13727, EN1276, EN14476, EN16615, EN14561 
  • Proven 99.999% kill rate in 30 seconds 
  • Kills SARS-COV-2 – the virus that causes Covid-19 – in 30 seconds 
  • Effective against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Herpes Simplex, and Hepatitis C 
  • Dual action sanitising and cleansing 
  • Dermatologically tested – kind to all hands 
  • Eliminates cross-contamination 
How to choose the correct wipes for your medical facility

In order for your wipes to successfully achieve their intended purpose, you must consider whether or not they will contribute to an effective intervention. 

There are a few key considerations when deciding on the type of wipes that you need, including:  

  • Governance and guidance – Refer to local policies and procedures regarding cleaning and disinfection, to determine if a wipe can be used for your intended purpose. 
  • Intended application – Detergent wipes are often the most cost effective, but they’re often not suitable for most environmental hygiene tasks within a healthcare setting – especially as microorganisms are often suspected within the environment. 
  • Range of microbial efficacy – Certain wipes may be more effective than others depending on the setting. For example, when used incorrectly, disinfectant wipes can spread pathogenic microorganisms between surfaces which can be very dangerous in high risk settings, e.g. operating rooms.
  • Staff acceptability – As well as being fit for purpose, it’s also important that staff like the wipes that you choose. Uniwipe products are dermatologically tested, so are certified safe on skin.
  • Cost – Selecting a product that is both fit for purpose and financially viable is important to ensure resources are used appropriately. With bulk buying options available, Uniwipe’s clinical range is ideal. 

Advice for identifying top quality medical wipes

To learn more about researching and selecting the best antibacterial wipes for your medical setting, read our latest blog post

Understanding the colour-coding of antibacterial wipes

The British Institute of Cleaning Services (BICSc) developed a colour-coding system to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination – and this system is ideal for people within the medical sector. 

At Uniwipe, we have adopted this system across our full product range, making it easy for people to select and use the best suited wipes for your intended purpose. 

For areas where the risk of infection is high, which is commonplace within the medical sector, yellow antibacterial wipes should be used for cleaning and disinfecting. This is our ‘Clinical’ range of wipes.

Client Testimonials

    We choose Uniwipes because of the high standards of testing and quality of product that beats the rest! Love the brand and support from Uniwipe!

    Purchasing Manager

    Everything about the Uniwipe is right. The size. The moisture. The effectiveness. Every school we deal with loves them.


    I have a number of accounts who started using them this year - and I have to say they love them.

    Education Distributor

How to buy medical wipes with Uniwipe

Find out how you can purchase antibacterial wipes from Uniwipe, for your healthcare or medical environment. We have a range of buying options available, and a team on-hand to support you and answer any queries you may have.

Discover the quality of our clinical wipes by ordering free samples