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Cleaning under the watchful eye of customers

Catering Wipes stand up to the test

We continually get feedback from catering establishments about the benefits of switching to wipes rather than using sprays and cloths.

One challenge takeaways and restaurants often experience is when cleaning needs to be done under the watchful eye of the customer. It is extremely important that high standards are met and sustained, whilst also minimising the time taken to turn tables, clean bars etc.

Not only do customers care about the food they also want to know the place they are eating from has high hygiene standards.

Finally, we have a solution – the Uniwipe Catering wipe. This highly effective cleaning wipe kills 99.999% of bacteria, is 100% food safe, and is safe for use on any surface.

The main benefits of switching to Uniwipe Catering Wipes are:

1- Eliminating cross-contamination- One wipe used by one member of staff.

2-Maximising table rotation- Many of our users find wipes quicker saving time for other tasks.

3-  Strengthening a healthy brand image, ensuring your customers’ trust- Customer will see a clean workspace with no dirty cloths lying around.

Now, when you are not used to using wipes as a cleaning method we understand that it can be daunting to make such a big change. This is why we offer free samples. Why not try the wipes out and see for yourself how well they perform and what an asset they would be for your business.

Or why not check out our previous post and see what other catering establishments had to say about our wipes.

Order your sample today or contact us on 03332419220

** Thanks to Mechelle Clark at Melt Aberdeen for the Photograph