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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Spray Bottle

Customers should never have to compromise when it comes to cleanliness. Most restaurants have a strict cleaning policy in place however as the service gets busier it can be hard to keep on top of a routine and standards can often slip.

According to a recent article from the Food Standard Agency, cloths can be the top cause of cross-contamination in the kitchen environment.

Here are some of the problems faced when using a spray and cloth:

Problem 1 The more often a cloth is used the less effective it becomes. Tables at the end of the evening using the same cloth will not have been cleaned to a satisfactory standard.

Solution– Using Uniwipe Catering Wipes there is only one wipe dispensed at a time. Once it is used to clean it is instantly disposed of meaning no matter what point of service all customers are getting a clean and sanitised space. These wipes are also 100% food-contact safe!

Problem 2- Cleaning the table thoroughly to remove all bacteria can be time-consuming. Spraying the area with a solution has its challenges too when neighbouring tables with eating customers are so close.

Solution Our Catering wipes require no spraying. One wipe is enough to kill 99.9999% of bacteria and it has a 30-second kill rate. So relax in the knowledge that tables are cleaned fast, effectively and to the same standard every time.

Problem 3 There is nothing worse than cleaning up spillages in a quick amount of time. Multiple amounts of blue roll or cloths can be used to try and mop up the mess. 

Solution– Not only are the Catering Wipes wet they are also super absorbent! One or two wipes will deal with large spillages with ease. The size and absorbent fabric are perfect in a busy restaurant environment- plus the wipes kill bacteria as they go.

Uniwipe Catering Wipes are the perfect two in one cleaning solution. No need for a spray and bottle, one wipe is all you need to have a safe, sterile environment.

To find out more about how Uniwipe Catering Wipes can help your business, or to order a sample contact