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In the News- Cross Contamination

Reduce Cross-Contamination

Over the past few weeks, there have been several news stories about the cleaning practices of some of the UK’s largest chain hotels and restaurants.

From Channel 4 Dispatches programme uncovering the unsavoury practices of Premier Inn to the fines issued to restaurants for poor hygiene. One of the most common themes discussed in these reports is cross-contamination.  Dish cloths were often used over and over again to clean different areas. In one case the same cloth was used to clean the toilet, sink and all surfaces of a hotel causing dangerous levels of bacteria to be spread.

Throughout these reports, it has become obvious that poor cleaning routines happened due to time constraints and lack of training.  Hotel workers in one report were given one hour to clean three rooms (not taking into account the mess) It is not uncommon to have targets but it seems that in this case overall cleaning standards inevitably slipped and ultimately the customers pay the price.

When we talk to businesses about switching to Uniwipe, on many occasions it is an educational process. We are asking them to throw their current routines out of the window and develop a new way to clean. The uniwipe way.

We made our wipes big to maximise cleaning making Uniwipe quicker and more effective to use. Many businesses also use different ranges of our wipes making it easier to separate and differentiate between areas while cleaning, further reducting cross-contamination.

We have come up with our best practice guide. Follow these tips to get the most out of you Uniwipes!

Top tips for Uniwipe:

  • Use the fourfold method to maximise each wipe
  • Use one wipe for each separate area you are cleaning
  • Only use one wipe at a time to keep track of what you have cleaned
  • Never share the wipe you are using with a colleague

Why not speak to us today about switching your business to Uniwipe. Call +44(0) 333 241 9220 or email to request a sample.