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Ideal wipes for cleaning your motorcycle

If there is one task most motorcyclists dislike, it’s having to clean the bike after using it through the multiple seasons of UK weather. Whether it’s summer rain and mud on the road or salt and slush, the outcome is the same … more muck and grime than shining paint and gleaming chrome.

For many, either the motorcycle is put away in an unloved state or it’s time for the hose, bucket and sponge.

But what about a potential better bike cleaning solution? Something large, strong and effective on even the most stubborn oil, muck and grease? Enter Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes, designed for all people and surfaces, including the paintwork, wheels and plastics of a motorcycle.

We decided to put the Ultrgrime wipes to the test. Not only to see how well they cleaned a motorcycle but to find out how many wipes were required to complete the job.

The first thing that is noticeable is the wipes really are fit for purpose. As it says on the website:

· Super strong

· Super soft

· Super absorbent

· Very low foaming qualities

· Unique grease busting ability

· Large wipe size for speedy cleaning

· Eats through oil, grease and grime

· Safe to use as hand wipes

· Safe to use on all surfaces

In an easy sweep of the cloth, the muck simply wiped away from the paintwork, leaving a shiny, like-new surface.

The same was true of the other bike parts, although some needed a bit more elbow grease than others.

Compared to the usual effort with hose, water and sponges, it was a much easier and – dare we say it – enjoyable experience and the outcome was extremely satisfying.

We found that each wipe went a long way before needing to be replaced by another.

How many wipes to do the job?

Of course, a lot depends on just how grimy the motorcycle is to begin with. But, for this particular task, a grand total of four wipes were used (along with a little buffing from a micro-fibre cloth).

That equates to about 40p. We reckon that’s worth it for a nice, clean and shiny motorcycle with no need for hose, sponge or water.

Plus, it can all be done undercover or even within a garage on those cold, wet days. Find out more about Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes and how they are ideal for cleaning your motorcycle.

Find out more about Uniwipe Ultragrime Cleaning Wipes and how they are ideal for cleaning your motorcycle.