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Ultragrime: Wipes with a difference

Cleaning Wipes with a difference

OK, so you’ve used cleaning wipes before, and even used a range of industrial wipes. Now you’re wondering what makes Ultragrime so special? Well, here are some of their most impressive features. There’s cleaning and then there is Uniwipe!

1- They stand up to any challenge

Expanding foam, silicone, oil based paints? Ultragrime to the rescue. These super-sized wipes will fast become your best friend for a messy job.

2- The collect dirt and keep it on!

Have you used a cleaning wipe that just moves dirt around? Well, Ultragrime are specially designed like a microfibre cloth. They collect the dirt and keep it on the wipe. Making it quicker and easier to clean

3- The are super strong

Some jobs require a little bit more scrubbing. Have you ever used a cleaning wipe that just tears to shreds and disintegrates with the slightest bit of pressure?  Ultragrime are not like any other wipe out there once you have used them you will soon see they are much tougher, meaning you can really put them through their paces.

4- Stays wetter for longer

Most wipes dry out after a few minutes out of the packet and so you end up using the whole pack in no time. Ultragrime stays wet for over one hour meaning you can re-use one wipe multiple times. Even if you accidentally leave the lid open the pack won’t dry out!

5- Tough Packaging

Back of the works van? Under the sink?  In the garden shed? Wherever you keep you Ultragrime you are safe in the knowledge that the packaging is super tough. Best of all there will be no lip popping off. Brilliant design made for maximum convenience.

Impressed yet? why not order a sample here to see for yourself or check your nearest stockist here. 

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