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The garage cleanliness challenge – grease is the word!

Mechanics love Ultragrime

If we start believin’ now that we can be as clean as we should be, grease is the word! With apologies to the lyricist, grease, grime and oil are not music to the ears of anyone in a commercial garage.

In fact, keeping a garage clean is a constant challenge. Not only does old oil create an unpleasant odour. It stains everything from car interiors to office papers. And spills present an obvious health and safety risk.

If you want to impress your customers – inspiring their loyalty and repeat business – and operate a safe, functional garage, you need the right procedures and products.

Ensure that everyone in the garage cleans their hands regularly

Without the correct procedures in place, it’s all too easy to spread dirt from hands onto trade counters and into office and canteen areas. Not only does this present an obvious hygiene risk. It looks unprofessional and creates a higher risk of equipment malfunctioning.

Make it garage policy for every member of your team to clean their hands prior to a customer meeting and before leaving the garage floor.

This will remove the possibility of those awkward wiping-hands-on-clothes moments. It will also ensure that your office equipment isn’t damaged unnecessarily, and will mean that you won’t be handing back a serviced car covered with grubby marks.

Keep your floors and reception space clean and clear at all times

A garage floor littered with oil spills, tyres and spare parts doesn’t just look unprofessional. It makes it far more likely that a customer or a member of your team will slip or trip and injure themselves.

Ensure that every member of your team recognises the need not to leave any unnecessary objects lying around, and to clean up after every job immediately. And remember that first impressions count, so make sure that whoever’s responsible for the reception space cleans and tidies the area regularly.

Create a culture of cleanliness and ensure cleaning materials are easily accessible in case of spills

It’s crucial that everyone in your garage is committed to your culture of cleanliness. One way to achieve this is by empowering each member of your team to keep their work space clean.

You should also ensure that your cleaning products are stored somewhere accessible, and that everyone knows where they are. That way, whenever there’s a spillage or a need to clean, action can be swift and seamless.

Use Uniwipe supersize cleaning wipes as your go-to cleaning product

When it comes to the cleaning products themselves, you’ll need spill response kits, mops, brushes and Swarfega-style soap.

But you also require a product that’s fast and effective at cutting through grime, oil and grease. And that’s where Uniwipe cleaning wipes come in:

· Supersize – Clean everything from car parts to your hands with just one wipe.

· Incredibly effective – Remove dirt, grease, oil and grime quickly and thoroughly.

· Multi-functional – Ideal for every area, from washrooms to canteens.

· Safe and hygienic – Kill bacteria without damaging your skin or leather seats.

· Convenient – Perfect for offsite repairs, recovery vehicles and mini valets.

Once you start using Uniwipes to keep your garage clean, particularly the Ultragrime cleaning wipe, you won’t look back.

To finish on that Grease lyrical note … it’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning when it comes to garage cleaning!