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Ultragrime decorator

Decorators Best Companion- UltraGrime

Since their launch, UltraGrime have proven very popular with Decorators and we are always getting fantastic reviews on from those that love our supersize wipes.

Ultragrime have a specifically designed fabric that is super absorbent for paint spills and cleanups. However, our wipes are non-abrasive meaning if you are cleaning smudges on edging, for example, it won’t remove excess paint from the wall.

Another fantastic feature has to be the size of each Ultragrime wipe. Twice the size of other industrial wipes one wipe will go further on the job meaning there is less waste. They also stay wet and usable for over 1 hour out of the pack giving you more time to utilise each wipe.

Clean your hands, rollers and surfaces confidently with UltraGrime they really are the decorators best friend.

Take a look at some of our latest reviews:

J and T Cousins-

As a pair of female decorators, relatively new to the business we purchased these wipes and we are absolutely delighted with them. They are strong, large and very useful in our work. Cannot rate them highly enough. Thankyou. Will be using them forever.

James T-

I tend to use them to wipe down surfaces at the end of the day, where they are a non-toxic and easily accessible option as a general-purpose wipe they’re handy to have in the back of the van.


I started using these before Christmas and used them pretty much every day at work since. Really great for clean down, stay wet for ages and my hands don’t feel irritated after a full days use.


Amazing wipes! Very absorbent so brilliant for paint, and they are massive. don’t need any other cleaning products now.

To submit your review of Ultragrime or any of our other wipes go to our review page here.

To find out which of our wipes suits your needs check out our product pages on our website here.

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