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Customer Expectations High For Public Bathrooms

For customers, the cleanliness of the bathroom says a lot about the business. An unclean bathroom in a nice establishment can effect the overall experience and in some cases can tarnish the establishment’s reputation. In many cases customers are paying for a service and the high standards you would expect on the restaurant tables, for example should carry through to the standards of the bathroom facilities.

It is no longer sufficient to clean a customer bathroom once a day in the hope that it stays pristine. There should be regular checks to keep on top of it. With heavy footfall in many establishments, there needs to be a quick and simple solution to tackle the cleaning process.

Uniwipe Washroom wipes are perfect for fast, effective cleaning. Their size means they can be folded into 8 different cleaning pads reducing cross-contamination. Our Washroom wipes effectively combat nasty bugs such as Norovirus and H1N1.

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