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Cleaning everywhere made simple

  • Been using the same cleaning products around your house for years?
  • Spending too much on environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles and chemicals?
  • Think that wipes are an unsustainable – or ineffective – option?

It’s time to give your cleaning cupboard a makeover and give pride of place to Uniwipe’s comprehensive range of supersize cleaning wipes. Here are just a few reasons you’ll love them.

Safe on all surfaces…

From carpets and upholstery to children’s toys and bikes, our brilliantly versatile wipes are safe to use on all surfaces.

  • Transform your cleaning experience – there’s no need to have a different product for each and every surface you have to clean.
  • You really can use them everywhere – from cars and barbeques to showers and toilets.
…and your hands

At Uniwipe, we understand that there’s nothing worse than feeling your hands have been eroded by using a wipe. That’s why every product in our range is safe to use.

  • In fact, our dermatologically-tested wipes condition your hands, as they contain vitamin E and aloe extract.
  • Which means you can even get the kids involved in your cleaning regime.
Three times the size of other wipes

Now, we don’t really like blowing our own trumpet. But when it comes to cleaning wipes, bigger really does mean better.

  • Clean faster and more effectively with our supersize wipes – just one will go so much further, meaning your pack will last longer.
  • To borrow from Crocodile Dundee – sorry Mick! – “That’s not a wipe… THAT’S a wipe!”
Eat through dust, grime and oil

Whether you opt for our Washroom Sanitising Wipes, our Multipurpose Wipes, our Catering Wipes, our Clinical Sanitising Wipes or our (very favourite) Ultragrime Industrial Wipes, you won’t look back once you’ve tried them.

  • They power through everything from the toughest paint and grease to ink and even adhesives.
  • What’s more, they’re antibacterial and eliminate cross contamination – meaning you can relax knowing your home is clean and germ free.
Incredibly moist and strong

Last but not least, our wipes’ superior strength and moist-retaining properties also contributes to their ability to outperform the rest.

  • One wipe stays wet for over an hour once out of its pack – and even if you leave the lid off by mistake for weeks, they don’t dry out.
  • And they’re made from a unique fabric that’s not only incredibly strong but effective at trapping and holding dirt.

Like to give our wipes a try? (We promise you won’t regret it.) You can order your free sample online here.