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Cleaning Anxiety for Office Returners

A new study conducted by the Institute of workplace and facilities management have revealed that 44% of office staff have concerns about hygiene and cleaning standards when returning to the office post lockdown.

As cold and flu symptoms can live on hard and soft surfaces a stringent cleaning routine is paramount to ensure staff safety.

Chris Moriarty, Director of Insight at the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management commented on the research:

“As lockdown measures begin to ease, government and business attention is turning to the mammoth task of how, and when, to get employees across the UK safely back to work. Ensuring cleanliness and distance between colleagues will be high on the agenda.’’

Many workplaces have been forced to reevaluate and remodel their approach to office cleaning; it is no longer sufficient to wipe surfaces down at the end of the work day. Continued cleaning of desks is required as the office can quickly become a hot bed of germs.

At Uniwipe this thorough, efficient cleaning is something we’re used to – it’s what the principles of our brand was founded on. We love clean. This IS our normal.

To help combat the growing demand for fast, efficient and effective cleaning our new Uniwipe Clinical Midi Wipes were launched earlier this year. They have sanitising efficacy that passes and exceeds EN13727, EN1276, EN14476. They are a dual action cleaner and disinfectant and are active against bacteria, fungi and viruses. In short, they’re the only wipe you will ever need.

There is no question that the latest Coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way in which we, as a nation, think about cleaning. It is maybe the first time many workers have really examined the cleaning routines and practices that are in place at their place of work. This can be daunting for those in charge to ensure the staff are satisfied and feel safe to return to the office ‘post-covid’.

We are here to help – speak to a member of our team about implementing a Uniwipe routine.

Stop the Spread. Uniwipe It.