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Why Catering Wipes Are the Perfect Cleaning Solution

Restaurant Cleaning Solution

Over the last few weeks we have had some fantastic reviews and feedback about our Catering Wipes. Specifically how well they work in restaurants and takeaways. Take a look at some of  our most recent comments and judge for yourself whether they would be a good solution for your business.

‘They removed stuff we’ve had issues with before the staff couldn’t believe how tough they were’ (Restaurant Owner)

‘Great for greasy surfaces knowing you can wipe and dispose of it. Their size meant we could really scrub the place clean’ (Takeaway Owner)

‘They are so easy to use and I can’t believe how long one wipe lasts’ (Restaurant Owner)

‘It reduced our chances of cross-contamination massively within the kitchen as we each used separate wipes’ (Restaurant Owner)

‘They are the biggest wipe I have ever seen and I love the fact you don’t get wet hands using them which I do with the cloth’ (Coffee Shop Owner)

‘ No need to put cloths in the washing machine every night which saved us time’ (Coffee Shop Owner)

‘ The tables were cleaned far quicker and more efficiently which surprised me. Best of all no unsightly spray bottles around the restaurant’ (Restaurant Owner)

‘They worked amazingly on the greasy splashback which saved us time cleaning every night’ (Café Owner)

‘We don’t have much space and these are so easy to store’ (Takeaway Owner)

‘I love them so much for the restaurant as they stayed wet for ages that is by far my favourite point of these wipes’ (Restaurant Owner)

Catering Wipes are the all in one solution for any catering establishment. They can be used front and back of house are tough on all types of grease and grime and are super absorbent for any spillages.

Why not try a sample today to see for yourself! Order one here.

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