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Catering Wipes Case Study-Pacos Perth

Restaurant Cleaning

Paco’s restaurant started using Uniwipe Catering wipes in May 2017 and it has transformed the way they clean.

Prior to using Uniwipe the waiting staff used hot cloths to clean but found this to be ineffective due to how quickly they got dirty. The staff found it gave a negative impression to the customers and so switched to Uniwipe in order to be more professional.

As they were left at the food stations many staff members shared the cloths which massively increased the chances of cross-contamination especially during a busy weekend when tables had to be cleaned quickly for the next table to be seated.

The restaurant has 3 cleaning stations for waiting staff and a pack of Catering wipes sits at each station ready for staff to use one wipe at a time when needed. This works perfectly during a busy service and staff find the wipes cleaner and much more efficient.

Pacos is a very large restaurant and the wipes are used by the waiting staff, bar staff and by the kitchen. Using the catering wipes in every area of the business makes it quicker and easier for staff to maintain a high standard of cleaning.

Other benefits for the staff at Paco’s:

  • Reduction in cross contamination
  • More professional looking in front of customers
  • Super absorbent- quick to clean up spillages
  • Each staff member can get a wipe quickly from the food station-No sharing cloths
  • Removes grease from the tables with ease. No scrubbing needed
  • One wipe stays wet for up to an hour- Can clean up to 6 tables with one wipe
  • No bad odours or chemicals sprayed around customers
  • 100% food contact safe

As you saw from our previous blog post catering establishments love Uniwipe. They are fast, efficient and effective and are transforming businesses up and down the country. If you feel your business would benefit from the switch why not try a sample pack.

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