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Case study: Spot-On-Supplies



Meet one of our distributors: Spot-On-Supplies

A family-owned business based in the South West of England, Spot-On-Supplies specialises in supplying hygiene products, catering equipment, workwear and safety gear, appealing to a wide range of customers. From PPE and hand towels to catering appliances and outdoor furniture, the vast selection of products offered by the company makes it one of the largest independent suppliers in the local region. 

Spot-On-Supplies’ customer base varies from cleaning companies, corporate offices and medical groups to educational groups and domestic end users. Its main distribution methods include its online e-commerce website and national distribution centre located in central Scotland. 

Why Spot-On-Supplies works with Uniwipe

Uniwipe was selected as one of Spot-On-Supplies’ reputable providers due to our rigorous testing, unmatched level of quality and our reliable supplies of stock thanks to our UK-based manufacturing. 

Due to its own high volume of client requirements, the company needed a supplier that could deal with demand fluctuations, and our in-housing manufacturing and flexible order quantities made us the perfect choice. 

Many brands now use third-party manufacturers to supply their products which minimises the control over the supply chain, leaving room for things to go wrong. Having total end-to-end control is something that we pride ourselves on at Uniwipe and we are passionate about Spot-On-Supplies’ customers getting the exact product they need, on time and without fail. 

Amongst these factors, our entire product offering has always been a key selling point when it comes to distributors. Not only are our wipes functional, thoughtfully packaged, moisture-retaining and kind to skin, but also priced in a way that enables distributors to provide exceptional value to their customers. 

How we support Spot-On-Supplies’ customers

The feedback gathered from clients of Spot-On-Supplies has been very positive, acknowledging that Uniwipe has established a strong name throughout the industry with years of experience and trusted standards. Also highlighting that many of our products are seen in medical institutions across the country. 

Our range of products aligns seamlessly with Spot-On-Supplies’ primary customer base, for example, our Clinical midi-wipes are specifically designed for killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses in high-risk areas such as hospitals, dental practices and care homes – catering to customers throughout the healthcare industry. 

Additionally, our Catering midi-wipes have been formulated to comply with strict hygiene regulations and are food area approved making them safe for use in any catering environment, whether that be a hotel or restaurant. 

Distributor testimonial

“We’ve been dealing with Uniwipe since before the pandemic and have always received an extremely professional level of service. The team goes out of its way to ensure we are supported, and the strong continuity of supply through the pandemic was a huge help for us. Now that the main spike has subsided, we know we have a reliable supplier who is always innovating to provide the best levels of products and customer service. Additionally, what makes the relationship so unique is that our team is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed – only one phone call away. ”

  • Darren Moore, Spot-On-Supplies