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Bigger is better and 5 other reasons why you can clean up with Uniwipe

Bigger is better when it comes to cleaning

A magnum of champagne is tastier than a bottle, a jumbo jet more comfortable than a glider and a full English more filling than a slice of fruit. There is no escaping the fact that sometimes bigger is simply better. And that is definitely true of Uniwipe, which are a whopping two to three times larger than any other cleaning wipes. If that wasn’t enough, our supersize-as-standard products wipe the floor with others on many other fronts. In fact, here are 5 other reasons why your customers (and your profit margins) will love Uniwipe:

1. Strength The wipes are made from a unique fabric that provides superior strength over standard polypropylene alternatives. 2. Durability They can be used effectively over large areas. 3. Moistness Slow-drying properties ensure users have time to clean properly. 4. Composition The wipes trap and hold dirt and the soft fabric makes firm contact with the surface to ensure no area is missed. 5. Germ killing They are anti-bacterial and able to eliminate cross-contamination. And, if you add in the benefits of NO substances to store, chemical sprays, dirty cloths, buckets or laundry bills, it’s perhaps no wonder our super-size, super-strong and super-

effective Uniwipes clean up compared to standard wipes. Also, if you’re wondering why a magnum of champagne is tastier than a bottle, it’s all to do with the oxygen. The volume of air in the neck of the twice-as-large bottle is only slightly greater. This contributes to the maturation and results in the magnum containing a richer, smoother champagne. Hopefully, you’ll feel like popping the corks when you enjoy the advantages of stocking Uniwipe. Cheers to bigger being better!