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Best practice cleaning tips for professional plumbers

You know that sinking feeling? The one you get when you’ve finished a job only to notice patches of dry, stubborn silicon all over your client’s bathroom. The kind you really can’t shift, no matter what you do.

Follow our best practice cleaning tips and you’ll wave a happy goodbye to that feeling for good. Leaving you with beautifully finished jobs and happy clients.

Tip 1 – Keep your work space clear and clutter free

If the content of your toolbox is scattered all over the floor, not only does it mean you’re more likely to have an accident. It’s also far easier to miss the mess until it’s too late!

· Keep your work space clear of clutter.

· That way, it’s easy to spot when you need to get cleaning.

· Plus, it looks more professional when your client pops by.

Tip 2 – Clean as you go

Whatever the nature of the project you’re working on, it’s good practice to mop up spillages and excess silicones and adhesives as you work.

· Whatever you do, don’t let unwanted silicones and adhesives set.

· It makes them a million times harder to remove!

· (Although we know something that will shift them – more on that later!)

Tip 3 – Use wipes for a quick, convenient clean

Some plumbers rely on paper towels and water for cleaning. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to spillages and excess, you’re best off opting for wipes. (Beware though: some wipes on the market – naming no names! – dry out very quickly if the tub lid is left off.)

· Keep wipes to hand – we find a toolbox or even your pocket is a good place.

· Then grab one whenever you need to clean surfaces or your hands.

Tip 4 – Make our Ultragrime wipes your go-to product

Uniwipe Ultragrime wipes are the most effective wipes for plumbing professionals. They’re safe on all surfaces – baths, tiles, floors, parts, you name it – as well as your hands (in fact, they even contain conditioning vitamin E and aloe extract). And they’re incredibly effective.

· Each supersized wipe cleans two to three times the area of a standard wipe – and stays wet for over an hour once out of the packaging.

· Plus, they’re ultra-absorbent, meaning they’re able to mop up large quantities of sealant or other spillages.

· Finally, you get 100 ginormous wipes in every pack and, as they don’t dry out, you’ll get full use from every last one.

Still need convincing? Learn more about Uniwipe Ultragrime wipes.