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High-performance antiviral wipes in the UK

High-performance cleaning

Following the Covid-19 global pandemic, people have a much higher awareness and focus on ensuring their environment is clean and free from harmful bacteria or viruses.

This has led to an increased drive for ensuring the cleaning products people choose do effectively kill viruses, and are working to keep them as protected as possible.

What are antiviral wipes?

Antiviral wipes are disposable fabric cleaning wipes that have a germ and bacteria killing solution on them. The fabrics used in antibacterial wipes use fibres made from plastic polymers, which are then mechanically processed and sometimes thermally bonded.

You can learn more about what antibacterial wipes are made from by clicking below.

The benefits of using antiviral wipes in the workplace

As most of us have now returned to working from the office, whether that be full time or hybrid, it is now more important than ever to ensure that both employers and employees are making a conscious effort to keep the space around them clean and sanitised in order to stop the spread of unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Important considerations when researching and selecting antiviral wipes

Deciding on which antiviral wipe to choose from can be a difficult decision due to the vast amount of products currently on the market. To help you on your search we’ve shared 4 recommendations on how to select the best antiviral wipe…

  • Look for professionally tested products: 
  • Find products with a short contact time
  • Identify the purpose of the wipes
  • Consider the packaging of the wipes

Discover Uniwipe’s range of antiviral wipes

At Uniwipe, we are dedicated to creating and manufacturing top quality antiviral wipes here in the UK – and we deliver these to companies across the globe. Our mission is to produce the next generation of wipes for the highest standards of hygiene to homes, workplaces and people.

Our range of midi-wipes and cloth-wipes kill 99.999% of bacteria viruses including Kills SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Client Testimonials

    We choose Uniwipes because of the high standards of testing and quality of product that beats the rest! Love the brand and support from Uniwipe!

    Purchasing Manager

    Everything about the Uniwipe is right. The size. The moisture. The effectiveness. Every school we deal with loves them.


    I have a number of accounts who started using them this year - and I have to say they love them.

    Education Distributor

Discover the quality of our antiviral wipes by ordering free samples

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