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How our antibacterial wipes size up in the real world

Size matters with cleaning wipes

Size matters with antibacterial wipes and, as we’ve previously explored, our supersize-as-standard products wipe the floor with others on the market. But just how do our wipes size up in the real world? Here is some perspective …

A Uniwipe Ultragrime container is 25cm long x 15cm deep x 12cm high. Therefore, its length is:

  • Bowling you over by being two-thirds as long as a bowling pin.
  • Clocking on for one-four-hundredth of the height of Big Ben.
  • Driving forward at four-and-a-half times as long as a golf tee.
  • Oh, la, la – one-tenth as tall as Napoleon.
  • A head-hurting 18 times as long as an Aspirin.

If the contents were taken out unfolded and laid end to end they would be 38 metres long. Or the equivalent of:

  • A striking one third of a football pitch.
  • Stepping out 50 times as long as a man’s footstep.
  • Ding ding – four-and-a-half times the length of a London bus.
  • A staggering six times the height of a giraffe.
  • Don’t yawn – 18-and-a-half times as long as a queen size bed.

The area of space that would be covered by the contents of a Uniwipe Ultragrime container is 9.5m2. That is:

  • Hitting the deck 1500 times as big as a playing card.
  • Incredibly equivalent to 250 Apple iPads.
  • Taking flight as 95 times as big as an airplane tray table.
  • Very sticky being similar to 2000 Post-it notes.
  • Wiping the floor at nine times as big as a bath towel.

This is more than twice the fabric found in competitors’ fabric and also equal to the surface of 7.5 large office desks.

We think you’ll agree that is a lot of cleaning power in one Uniwipe container!

Now find out for yourself and order your free Ultragrime sample. Or email for stock enquiries.