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5 reasons why you should sell Uniwipe

Choosing the right cleaning wipe that meets your customers’ cleaning requirements and that you have confidence in selling can be challenging. There’s a whole host of factors you need to consider, ranging from their size and strength, to their overall effectiveness.
However, sourcing and selling the right cleaning wipe needn’t be such headache, not if you stock Uniwipe. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to sell Uniwipe:
1. Repeat sales – use Uniwipe once, and we can guarantee you and your customers won’t turn back! Uniwipe are powerful and effective in every clinical and commercial environment, anywhere in the world.
2. Proven results – Uniwipe is the biggest, strongest and most effective wipe on the market. After years of rigorous research and development, our antibacterial wipes provide safe, fast and effective cleaning solutions for the most stubborn problems and are recognised as among the most technically advanced in the world.
3. Increased marketing – we work with our clients to develop integrated marketing campaign to further advertise the product on their behalf.
4. Healthy margins – Uniwipe offer healthy margins, giving you extra revenue and, because cleaning wipes are a repeat buy, Uniwipe grows with you.
5. Informative packaging – not only do Uniwipe provide industry-leading cleaning results, they also look the part, thanks to their eye-catching, modern packaging. What’s more, the packaging is colour-coded, making it easier for your customers to choose the right wipe for their cleaning requirements.
Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our packaging: “What I like about Uniwipe is that it is very simple and clear which wipe is needed for which application. This makes it easy to advise the customer on the correct product.”
There are countless reasons to choose Uniwipe, the five we’ve listed above are just a small snapshot of the benefits that can be instantly gained from selling our wipes. In fact, we’ll leave you with this quote from another one of our happy clients (just in case you’re still not convinced!):
“Uniwipe gives you innovation to offer to your clients and additional profit, and you will get digital marketing support to ensure the demand is maintained. Unlike other cleaning wipe specialists, Uniwipe is a wipe that really works and people really want.”