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4 Reasons to choose a UK-based wet wipes supplier

Deciding on who to appoint as your new wet wipe supplier can be a difficult decision due to the vast array of suppliers and products currently on the market. However, your decision can be made easier by focusing on companies that have UK-based manufacturing facilities, as this can help to eliminate the stressful lead times and costs associated with global exports. 

At Uniwipe, all of our products are manufactured from our dedicated UK-based factory, which brings a variety of benefits for those choosing a new wet wipe supplier. 

In this blog post, we caught up with four members of our team to find out their opinions on why they believe that being a UK-based wet wipe supplier is so important…


1. Greater levels of quality control

Karl, Production

In my opinion, exceptional quality control is definitely one of the key reasons why you should choose a UK-based supplier. It gives you the reassurance that your supplier has total end-to-end control of production and is dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and effective antibacterial wipe possible. 

“Our Scottish manufacturing facility is the home of our production, responsible for creating everything from our new Bio Clinical wipes to our hand & surface wipes. All of our manufacturing is done in-house meaning we don’t have to outsource production to factories overseas. 

“Without having our in-house production, we would not be able to maintain the incredible level of quality control that we currently have. Our team carries out a minimum of 10 quality checks throughout the production process, reviewing everything from raw materials to packaging.” 


2. Faster lead times

Carston, Logistics

“Following major events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, delivery times for products that were being shipped from other countries were dramatically increased. It is evident that no customer wants to be facing tedious lead times or delays, as this can be detrimental to their operations, particularly those operating within the medical industry who rely on their antibacterial wipes to be delivered on time. 

“Short lead times are definitely one of the top deliverables that we want to guarantee to our customers and being a UK-based supplier is certainly one of the ways we manage to do so. We aim to deliver our products within 3-5 working days and offer our customers the opportunity to request faster delivery or scheduled deliveries if required.”


3. Flexibility in order quantities 

Denver, Customer Service

 “Since our operations are based locally, it allows us to offer our customers flexibility when it comes to ordering products. 

“For large distributors who may be looking for bulk orders of stock, we have the ability to supply them with guaranteed UK stock, fast delivery and impeccable customer service. 

“Similarly, having a UK factory means that we can also accommodate customers who are looking for smaller bespoke orders. For many overseas suppliers, they do not have the flexibility to offer small order quantities as they need to meet specific requirements such as filling shipping containers or lorries.” 


4. Reduced carbon footprint 

Edward, Director

I believe that being a UK-based supplier is particularly important when it comes to sustainability. Now more than ever, it is important for businesses to start considering ways in which they can make their operations more efficient yet sustainable if we are to reach the goal of net zero by 2050

“If you’re purchasing products from wet wipe suppliers overseas, then it is more than likely that your antibacterial and antiviral wipes are travelling thousands of miles to reach your doorstep. By purchasing products from companies such as Uniwipe, which prides itself on UK-based manufacturing, you are cutting down the miles that your wipes have to travel – ultimately reducing your carbon footprint by decreasing fuel consumption and air pollution. 

“At Uniwipe, sustainability is a core principle amongst our operations and we work closely in partnership with MoreTrees to support tree planting projects across the world, proving that we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through carbon offsetting.” 


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