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3 reasons to buy 100% biodegradable wet wipes

More and more businesses are increasing their focus on sustainability, and searching for ways to reduce their environmental impact. However looking at cleaning materials is often an untouched area, with lots of opportunities readily available.

Our 100% biodegradable antibacterial wipe is proving to be very popular with teams striving to become more environmentally friendly thanks to the wipes being 100% plastic free. 

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted three key reasons why you should consider adding a fully biodegradable wet wipe to your company’s cleaning routine…


1. Reduce your company’s environmental impact by using less plastic

Many people believe that all wet wipes will decompose in the sewage system, but this is not the case. Wet wipes are often made from non-biodegradable materials, so they will not break down over time. Contrastingly, toilet paper roughly takes 24 hours to break down while wet wipes remain virtually indestructible even once flushed. 

The large majority of wet wipes contain plastics which can take over 100 years to decompose, littering the environment with harmful microplastics. At Uniwipe, we are on a mission to create wet wipes that are not only effective at eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses but are also kind to the planet. In the correct conditions, our biodegradable wipes will break down within a six-month period and are made from 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres. 

We have also identified that packaging is also an issue throughout the industry and is something that needs to be addressed. Many wet wipe manufacturers use tubs to store their products which use over 70% more plastic than a packet of wipes. Also placed on a continuous roll with perforations, users tend to take more wipes than necessary leading to increased waste. By 2026, we are aiming to have reduced our waste per pack by 40% – in line with the current environmental issues.

2. Have the highest cleaning standards while being environmentally friendly

One of the most commonly asked questions of those making the switch from non-biodegradable to biodegradable wipes is “Do biodegradable wipes hold the same level of cleaning power?” and the simple answer to that is yes!

Priding ourselves on the unmatched quality and cleaning standard of our wipes, every product we create undergoes rigorous testing in order to ensure the greatest level of cleaning power possible – a practice that will never be compromised. 

Our Bio Clinical wipes are tested to EN14476 and EN16615, demonstrating that they are 99.999% effective against bacteria, viruses and yeast and safe for use on all surfaces including food areas. 

Making the transition to biodegradable wet wipes is a win-win situation for all. Not only does each wipe hold the same outstanding cleaning standard as other non-biodegradable wipes, they are also kinder to the environment, benefitting both the user and the planet. 

3. Improve the reputation of your business both internally and externally

It’s clear to see that sustainability and environmental practices have become a hot topic throughout the UK. A recent study from Deloitte showed that consumers are being more proactive in adopting a sustainable lifestyle with 40% choosing to purchase from brands that have environmentally sustainable practices/values. This growing trend of conscious consumerism is only set to grow in the upcoming years. 

Promoting sustainability and environmental practices can have a positive impact on your employees, including increased motivation and greater productivity, as staff that hold similar values regarding topics such as sustainability will feel more aligned with your company’s morals and objectives. 

Often visible throughout the workplace, whether it be perched in the communal office kitchen or dotted across desks, wipes tend to be readily available for both guests and employees. By choosing to brand your surroundings with wet wipes that promote 100% biodegradability, your company is reinforcing the powerful message that you are committed to making a difference – enhancing people’s perception of your business. 

Our Bio Clinical wipes offer our customers the best of both worlds, combining outstanding biodegradable properties with the highest level of cleaning power, effective against harmful bacteria and unwanted viruses. With a 99.999% killing power, our wipes are easy to use, fast acting and manufactured locally in the UK.